MIMR Album Review: Two Cheers ‘Splendor’


L.A Indie Popsters Two Cheers have already become mainstays on MIMR on the back of the excellent self-titled debut album from last year, which featured in the top 20 of MIMR best of year list. Its now with great pleasure and joy that they have here their follow up, the delight that is ‘Splendor’ which was released last week (21st July) and its a sure thing that this effort will only increase their following for sure.

The opening track ‘Desert Song’ starts off as a sombre affair with gliding riffs and delightful beats, Bryan’s vocal then takes over, soft at first before gradually hitting its glorious peak in the ever catchy chorus, the perfect start to the record. The title track ‘Splendor’ has some of the most infectious guitar hooks and another joyous chorus to make you sway and raise your hands, a summer anthem without doubt.

The Explode Boys’ is the next track to make its impact and its true to say that its a significantly positive one. Crashing symbols and more cutting riffs announce the song perfectly, it hovers along with ease and it apitimises the summery, good feeling that the whole record makes you experience. 80s style beats make their mark on ‘Heart Trip’ from the beginning with more beautiful vocals and a crusendo of guitar hooks and plenty of good vibes. ‘Brinka‘ is the next under the spotlight and its Two Cheers softer side which is revisted, quickfire riffs and the perfect sing-a-long chorus which you wont get out of your head but you wud’nt want to either.

Maybe MIMR favourite track of the album (its a toughy though) is the suplime ‘Anchor‘. Its from start to finish just a very good pop song with fantastic combinations of infectious vocals and memorable feel good vibes that will make you toe-tapping and head nodding till you drop. ‘Let Me Remember‘ glistenes in the sun so bright and further proof of the fantastic range of vocals on display paired with easy-listening feel that Two Cheers Possess

Life Is Full Underground‘ is brillantly beautiful in every way, perfectly build up to by delicate vocals and meaningful lyrics, full of emotion and executed to a tee. The penultimate track ‘Super Owls‘ was a track that MIMR featured on a recent MIMR Playlist and its certainly a stand out track of the record. A more uptempo feel is on show here with joyous vocals and spectacular grooves throughout.

So we come to the end of the ‘Splendor’ journey with the glorious finale ‘Strawberry‘ full of gracious basslines and more of them trademark Two Cheers perfectly crafted indie-pop riffs. Its the perfect end to a record that goes above and beyond their debut and will certainly make more people stand up and take notice. Its a album that is the soundtrack to your summer, let Two Cheers make it a perfect one

Listen to the album here:


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