MIMR Band Chat: Tuff Love

MIMR introduced this band on last weeks RADAR feature and have fast become one of the best new bands of this year so far. Tuff Love are a glaswegian indie band who began this year with their 2nd release ‘Dross EP’ which has been constantly on repeat here at MIMR

I was lucky to catch up with Suse and Julie from Tuff Love, where we discussed touring, their favourite music and sleeping

MIMR: Thanks for taking the time out to be on MIMR, what’s the latest with the band and how good has 2015 been so far?

TL: Hello! No probs at all, 2015 has been pretttttty good so far! We’ve released another record, played loads of gigs, done our first headline tour, a support tour with RIDE, and written and recorded loads of songs. We’ve got loads of festivals coming up starting this week, pppphaaawwww it’s gonna be a busy summer.

MIMR: The ‘Dross EP’ is on constant at the moment, are you happy with the way the record has been received?

TL: Yeah totally! It was a bit of a rush to get together to be honest, as we hadn’t long finished Junk but wanted to put out another group of songs asap cos the first one seemed to go down nice. Also Junk E.P was received way nicer than we were expected so it was a bit scary recording knowing that some people were actually going to listen to it (when we recorded Junk, it was kind of just for ourselves) 


MIMR: Touring around everywhere must have its stresses and strains but what’s your favourite things about gigging?

TL: Yeah it’s tiring but also fun. It’s just nice to hang out as a band loads. Touring is like an extreme bonding session. You become like a family. Also playing gigs every night for like 2 weeks, although tiring, is fun and makes you tighter as musicians together. Hearing and meeting other musicians from different cities is great too.

MIMR: Has they’re been a memorable gig you’ve played which you can look back on with pride so far?

TL: The RIDE support tour we just did was amazing, when we played the Barrowlands we couldn’t believe it. I think that was our favourite gig of all time to play. Also the crowd was lovely. The Barrowlands is quite a big deal in Glasgow, y’know. Growing up in Glasgow, I’ve seen loads of my favourite bands play there, so getting to also play on that stage was incredible and very memorable.

MIMR: When your on tour what do you guys enjoy doing in between the live shows?

TL: Just sleeping as much as possible really! There’s not too much time to do much else, as by the time you’ve driven somewhere it’s normally time to load in and soundcheck… and then play and then go to the hotel and sleep and wake up and the loop continues! We drive everywhere ourselves mostly, but if we didn’t do that I’d like to read more. Or record whilst we’re all together.

MIMR: What bands around at the moment are your favourites?

TL: I love courtney barnett. I also can’t stop listening to a producer called Sophie, on a label called PC Music. It’s insane. it sounds like the music a computer would make if it could think. Does that make sense? Probably not. Also been listening to John Wizards, similarly crazy music.

MIMR: Thanks again to you both for speaking to us, what will you go and do now after this interview?

TL: We’ve got a rehearsal now then we’re going to sit in our little home studio and finish off some mixes of new songs, for our next release (coming very very soon!)

For more info on Tuff Love can be found here, you won’t regret it: 


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