MIMR EP Review: Seazoo

Seazoo  ‘Car Deborah’

Release Date: June 1st

MIMR featured band for May Seazoo have delivered us a truely splendid piece of work in this new EP ‘Car Deborah’ released through Label Fandango. Out on the 1st June, the wrexham indie pop outfit have certainly hit the heights with this creation, a dreamy, magnificent record from start to finish. ‘Dawn In The Mirror’ is the opening track and is a delightful opener thats sets the tone for the rest of the EP. Vocals by Ben and Llinos mix together effortlessly and their Grandaddy-esque stylings make for a truely perfect pop song. A bouncy, sing-a-long chorus is a Seazoo trademark and emphasises the ethos the band have, fun, fun and more fun Panda Pains, a MIMR favourite, arrives on the scene like a pop hurricane, uptempo and one to make you shake your hips too. Quirky lyrics just add to the charm of Seazoo and Panda Pains will always be a song worth keeping on repeat. Next up is ‘The Roar of MJ Finnigan’ which MIMR featured on a recent MIMR Playlist and it displays pop vibes in the millions, the best part being the closing part of the song, grinding guitar riffs, almost weezer like and Ben yelping ‘Oh Oh’ its brings the curtain down on another excellent addition to the EP The 4th track of ‘Car Deborah’ comes in the form of ‘Martyn and Jayne’ of which they have recently released a fantastic video for. It comes to life with the usual upbeat gusto that Seazoo find so easy to create, its a slice of indie pop unrivalled by many other acts around at the moment, the video is visually pleasing too and certainly shows the artistic element to the band
The EP comes to a end with instrumental ‘Indigo Reader’, which gives Ben and Llinos a well earned rest and if ever there was a perfect way to end a record than ‘Indigo Reader’ is that and some. Delicate guitars and keyboard turn into crashing drums and punchy guitars almost seemlessly. A rousing conclusion to what is cracking record, they’re wont be many better EPs this year either, thats MIMR telling you the truth

MIMR will be at their EP Launch gig on Friday 5th June at the Undegun Venue, Wrexham and you can too via this link, as well as getting a physical copy of ‘Car Deborah‘ in due course. All pics from this night will appear on MIMR, great stuff!


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