MIMR Band Chat: Peur

It’s not often I get introduced to a band and after a 1st listen I become a instant fan but Manchester, Alt-rockers Peur did that. I only see good things in the future from these guys, if you like a powerful, hard-hitting Rock sound then Peur certainly fit the bill. I spoke to the band about how they started, the new EP and their live shows


Welcome to MIMR, what were the origins of Peur and was it clear from the beginning what direction your music would take?

Peur: We were all friends at primary school, but it took us until the end of secondary school to form a band. I wouldn’t say we’ve ever consciously thought about what direction we should or wanted to go in, it’s always just happened. We like to go with flow and have fun with it.


MIMR: Tell us about the new EP, how did it come about and was there any elements to it that proved tricky in any way?

Peur: We started recording “Future Architects” pretty much as soon as we finished “We Can Build Astronauts” in an attempt to get ahead of ourselves which inadvertently fell through in the end, but we still ended up with an E.P we are super proud of. There wasn’t any part of it that was particularly tricky, we did record the base tracks for this E.P live, which was different to how we did WCBA, thisbrought obvious challenges with it but made it an extremely rewarding process and overall we had a much more fun time in the studio.  

MIMR: It’s approaching festival season, do you have any fond memories at a festival as a band or a fan?

Peur: Bit of a boring answer but we’ve never played/been to a festival before, I personally can never afford it. We are set to play some this year though, there’s one in particular that I’m very excited for; GeckGoFestival in August, its going to be a stunner.

MIMR: What can gig-goers expect from one of your live shows?

Peur: We try our best to put as much energy as possible into every show and end up making a lot of noise in the process. We also like to make it all about the music, we don’t like leaving big gaps in the music so we join songs together with interludes, intros and outros that you won’t find on any of our recordings.


MIMR: What band around at the moment do you follow?

Peur: I think the main one is Marmozets. Those guys are brilliant; they have such a complex, heavy sound. They also like to change up the time signature a lot which is right up our street 

MIMR: What’s your Manchester venue to play?

Peur: Sound Control without a doubt. The sound is amazing, its not too big (downstairs capacity is about 150) and it’s in a great location, right next to oxford road station. It’s got everything going for it

MIMR: Thanks for talking to MIMR guys, the EP sounds amazing, how can people find out about Peur?

Peur: You can find us on pretty much everything: Facebook, Twitter, YoutubeSoundcloudBandcamp, the lot. All with the extension “Peurofficial” for example, our twitter is “@peurofficial”. There is also our website, peurofficial.com, which is the mecca for all things Peur; you can find our music, merchandise and shows all in one place

Get on their website here: http://www.peurofficial.com/#futurearchitects

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