MIMR EP Review: Seazoo

Seazoo  ‘Car Deborah’

Release Date: June 1st

MIMR featured band for May Seazoo have delivered us a truely splendid piece of work in this new EP ‘Car Deborah’ released through Label Fandango. Out on the 1st June, the wrexham indie pop outfit have certainly hit the heights with this creation, a dreamy, magnificent record from start to finish. ‘Dawn In The Mirror’ is the opening track and is a delightful opener thats sets the tone for the rest of the EP. Vocals by Ben and Llinos mix together effortlessly and their Grandaddy-esque stylings make for a truely perfect pop song. A bouncy, sing-a-long chorus is a Seazoo trademark and emphasises the ethos the band have, fun, fun and more fun Panda Pains, a MIMR favourite, arrives on the scene like a pop hurricane, uptempo and one to make you shake your hips too. Quirky lyrics just add to the charm of Seazoo and Panda Pains will always be a song worth keeping on repeat. Next up is ‘The Roar of MJ Finnigan’ which MIMR featured on a recent MIMR Playlist and it displays pop vibes in the millions, the best part being the closing part of the song, grinding guitar riffs, almost weezer like and Ben yelping ‘Oh Oh’ its brings the curtain down on another excellent addition to the EP The 4th track of ‘Car Deborah’ comes in the form of ‘Martyn and Jayne’ of which they have recently released a fantastic video for. It comes to life with the usual upbeat gusto that Seazoo find so easy to create, its a slice of indie pop unrivalled by many other acts around at the moment, the video is visually pleasing too and certainly shows the artistic element to the band
The EP comes to a end with instrumental ‘Indigo Reader’, which gives Ben and Llinos a well earned rest and if ever there was a perfect way to end a record than ‘Indigo Reader’ is that and some. Delicate guitars and keyboard turn into crashing drums and punchy guitars almost seemlessly. A rousing conclusion to what is cracking record, they’re wont be many better EPs this year either, thats MIMR telling you the truth

MIMR will be at their EP Launch gig on Friday 5th June at the Undegun Venue, Wrexham and you can too via this link, as well as getting a physical copy of ‘Car Deborah‘ in due course. All pics from this night will appear on MIMR, great stuff!


MIMR Chat with Matter Of Sound

In a very special interview on MIMR, it’s not a band in the spotlight this time but a YouTube channel called Matter Of Sound. Who are Matter of Sound I hear you ask..well it’s the combined efforts of Hattie Pearson and Emily Brinnand, the channel is best described in their own words ‘hanging out in Manchester, meeting local and touring bands and having a good time’

In this interview Hattie and Emily talk to MIMR about the channel’s story so far, their favourite records and the future of Matter Of Sound  

MIMR: A very warm welcome to MIMR, big fan of the channel from Video 1 to be honest. What made you want to start Matter of Sound and are pleased with its progress and reception so far?

MOS: After a few drinks and chatting about how we could show off Manchester music and what’s happening in the city we decided the best way would be on YouTube. It’s an incredible platform where we can share unheard music, events that people would otherwise miss and get out and about meeting new people.

It’s really fun thinking what we can do on the channel and it’s nice to have total creative control. We’re always looking to develop the channel and thinking what people want to watch and find out about. We love covering new events and this helps us to evolve all the time. We really enjoy meeting bands, promoters, venue owners and music fans. Another element we really enjoy is recording sessions with local bands too.  

MIMR: If i have to pick a favourite video it would be the one with DJ Pasta Paul and all them records. Can you remember the 1st record you bought? And whats your favourite records of this year so far?

MOS: First record for Emily was Biffy Clyro and their album Blackened Sky. It was back in their days of alternative rock with a bit of screams in the mix too! Now they’ve cut their beards and merge into the mainstream the love has faded slightly. But I’ll always have a sentimental attachment to the band for the songs Breatheher, Justboy, 57 and Joy. Discovery. Invention.
I also bought  

Favourite albums of 2015 (Emily)
Sleater Kinney – No Cities To Love
Stealing Sheep – Not Real
Sufjan Stevens – Carrie & Lowell

ALL beginning with an ‘S’ strangely!

MIMR: How do you come up with your ideas for your videos?

MOS: At the beginning it was all about seeing what was happening in Manchester music wise, grabbing a camera and getting out there.

We now have a few different categories that we try to stick to including Explores which is when we go out and about to different events in Manchester usually with a music focus. We’ve also got our New Band Up North feature, which was developed from Emily’s column on the Guardian so we champion an upcoming and local act. For our Sessions we invite bands to play a live track for us whether it’s outside in the cold or in an iconic Manchester space, including our wonderful session with The Slow Reader’s Club in Manchester Library. Our final feature On The Sofa is when we quite simply sit on the sofa with a brew and chat to our viewers about pretty much anything.  

MIMR: We all love the Manchester music scene, the blog has featured many, Horsebeach, Flesh, Bad Grammar to name a few, whats it about this city that enables live music to thrive?

MOS: Manchester has always been a breeding ground for bands and has such a strong heritage and culture ranging from punk, new wave and electronic that it’s the perfect place for musicians to be inspired and create music from the soul.  

MIMR: Many of your vids have been staged in the many great venues across Manchester, Do you have a favourite to catch a gig or just somewhere to hang out?

MOS: The Castle on Oldham Street is our fave. We haven’t done anything focusing on the venue itself but we hope to do a specific video soon when we share our experiences of the venue and its’ history.

MIMR: What can we expect from Matter of Sound in the coming months?

MOS: We’ve had a busy time recently including Emily heading out for Record Store Day and Hattie speaking with Hot Vestry. We have lots of plans for the future. We want to make more content for our each of our features. We’ll head to a few festivals in the summer, as well as do a session on a barge hopefully!

MIMR: Thanks for talking to us, MIMR recommends everyone subscribes to your channel, whats been the funniest moment whilst filming any of your videos? MIMR was when Hattie had trouble with the camera that time, sorry Hattie :p  MOS: Hattie is always tired when we film at the weekends because she works overnights so often she’ll stumble over her words or just not make any sense. Also Emily does most of the editing and likes to embarrass Hattie

Here’s to more of that!

Check out their latest videos here and subscribe!


MIMR Band Chat: Model Aeroplanes

In the latest special Band Chat covering acts playing this year’s Dot 2 Dot festival, MIMR had the pleasure to speak to Ben from indie-pop foursome Model Aeroplanes from Dundee. One of MIMR picks of the festival for sure, be sure to check them out!

MIMR: Thanks for chatting to MIMR guys, who are Model Aeroplanes? and what influences do you have? 

Ben: We all met in school when we were around 13 or 14. We had a very sports orientated year at our school and we were the social reject creative kids in skinny jeans! We all became friends by chance really and then realised we could all half play instruments so thought it’d be a great idea to start a band. I believe the first three songs we played at a gig were: Killing In The Name Of by Rage Against the Machine, Everlong by Foo Fighters and Are You Gonna Be My Girl by Jet… Not the most conventional set! We all just understood each other from a very young age and realised how much we all loved music so acted on it – that’s the main influence.

MIMR: Whats the latest news from the band, What are your summer plans?

Ben: The way this summer has panned out, we’re down in England for the majority of it, whch we love! We’ve been down quite a bit this year with bands like Little Comets and Prides and the reception we’ve had so far has been amazing, but we’re really trying to start building the fanbase down south properly now and begin adding to our family! MIMR: MIMR is looking forward to Dot to Dot festival, how much does it mean to play such a big festival?

Ben: As are we! We cannot wait to play Dot to Dot for the first time and what makes it even better is that our pal St Raymond is headlining! Being invited to play such a great festival at this stage in our career is a flattering opportunity and we cannot wait to get on stage. Really looking forward to this one!  MIMR: Thanks guys for sharing your words of wisdom with MIMR, how can we keep up to date with everything Model Aeroplanes related?

Ben: We’re super social media nuts! So grab us Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Soundcloud and every other platform you could possibly think of! We’re occassionally funny… we promise!


Instagram – modelaeroplanes

MIMR Band Chat: Peur

It’s not often I get introduced to a band and after a 1st listen I become a instant fan but Manchester, Alt-rockers Peur did that. I only see good things in the future from these guys, if you like a powerful, hard-hitting Rock sound then Peur certainly fit the bill. I spoke to the band about how they started, the new EP and their live shows


Welcome to MIMR, what were the origins of Peur and was it clear from the beginning what direction your music would take?

Peur: We were all friends at primary school, but it took us until the end of secondary school to form a band. I wouldn’t say we’ve ever consciously thought about what direction we should or wanted to go in, it’s always just happened. We like to go with flow and have fun with it.


MIMR: Tell us about the new EP, how did it come about and was there any elements to it that proved tricky in any way?

Peur: We started recording “Future Architects” pretty much as soon as we finished “We Can Build Astronauts” in an attempt to get ahead of ourselves which inadvertently fell through in the end, but we still ended up with an E.P we are super proud of. There wasn’t any part of it that was particularly tricky, we did record the base tracks for this E.P live, which was different to how we did WCBA, thisbrought obvious challenges with it but made it an extremely rewarding process and overall we had a much more fun time in the studio.  

MIMR: It’s approaching festival season, do you have any fond memories at a festival as a band or a fan?

Peur: Bit of a boring answer but we’ve never played/been to a festival before, I personally can never afford it. We are set to play some this year though, there’s one in particular that I’m very excited for; GeckGoFestival in August, its going to be a stunner.

MIMR: What can gig-goers expect from one of your live shows?

Peur: We try our best to put as much energy as possible into every show and end up making a lot of noise in the process. We also like to make it all about the music, we don’t like leaving big gaps in the music so we join songs together with interludes, intros and outros that you won’t find on any of our recordings.


MIMR: What band around at the moment do you follow?

Peur: I think the main one is Marmozets. Those guys are brilliant; they have such a complex, heavy sound. They also like to change up the time signature a lot which is right up our street 

MIMR: What’s your Manchester venue to play?

Peur: Sound Control without a doubt. The sound is amazing, its not too big (downstairs capacity is about 150) and it’s in a great location, right next to oxford road station. It’s got everything going for it

MIMR: Thanks for talking to MIMR guys, the EP sounds amazing, how can people find out about Peur?

Peur: You can find us on pretty much everything: Facebook, Twitter, YoutubeSoundcloudBandcamp, the lot. All with the extension “Peurofficial” for example, our twitter is “@peurofficial”. There is also our website, peurofficial.com, which is the mecca for all things Peur; you can find our music, merchandise and shows all in one place

Get on their website here: http://www.peurofficial.com/#futurearchitects