MIMR featured band of the month: Kidsmoke @focuswales 2015

Focus Wales brought us many memorable performances, Bo Ningen, Slaves, Moja, Seazoo, Black Honey to name but a few, it was Kidsmoke’s set on the Friday night though that MIMR was looking forward to the most. Having already seen Lance and the guys before many times, it was mainly to see how many others in the crowd would take to them and their fantastic new Material from the new EP ‘So Long, Emptiness’, needless to stay they smashed it.

Hitting the stage at Midnight, just after a storming set by Eagulls, Kidsmoke demonstrated their growing confidence with a blistering set of new EP tracks and ones from 2013’s EP ‘Higher’. MIMR favourite song of the new EP is ‘Buffalo’ and this played live is a exilerating listen. ‘On and On’ is another stand track from the set, Lance adopting a softer vocal approach and effortless guitar sound throughout.

The set’s last song ‘Another World’ that realy gets everyone grooving right to the end, a audience which is pretty vast and also includes Radio Wales DJ Adam Walton. Lance plays out the final moments of the song on the podium delivering a frantic finish aided superbly by the rest of the band and received by a very warm and appreciative crowd. Kidsmoke are going in the right direction and fast!

Here are some photos from the evening





They’re will also be a video for the song ‘Buffalo’ from this set, be available to view on MIMR YouTube channel very soon 

New EP is available here:


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