MIMR Band Chat @focuswales 2015: Neal Thompson from Focus Wales

In the final MIMR Band Chat before the big kick off of Focus Wales 2015 I got the chance to speak to Neal (one of the festival organisers) on the eve of the biggest Focus Wales yet. This includes all you need to know about this year’s event, it’s going to be spectacular 4 days of Music and comedy in Wrexham

MIMR: Its a pleasure Neal to speak to you on the blog. This is MIMR 1st Focus and very much looking forward to the 4 days. Do you agree that this year has all the elements to be the best one yet? and how has the festival evolved over the years?

NEAL: Thanks for having me 🙂 Absolutely, its our best ever line-up (SLAVES, Eagulls, BO NiNGEN, FOTL to mention just a few) – its our fifth and we’ve grown from a 600 cap two day event in 2011 to the festival as it appears now. This year we’ll be expecting ton welcome 4000 visitors and nearly 200 acts.  Slaves (above) – they play central station on Wednesday

MIMR: I’m looking forward to exploring the many facets of the festival, different venues, music and atmospheres. What do you think makes Focus the spectacle it is?

NEAL: Its definitely the positive atmosphere – you can really feel it she n the event is in full swing, the bands all give 110% and that really rubs off onto the audience – its really fun to be in the mix of it all!

MIMR: There’s just too many bands to name that MIMR is excited to see. Are they’re any that personally stick out for you in the excellent line up you have this year?

Future of The Left (below) – they play on the thursdayNEAL: One part I’m really looking forward to is the NYTH showcase, they’ve done a great job on bookings and have some exciting names on the bill – one to check out definitely.

MIMR: Hard work and dedication behind the scenes is always key to the success of any festival. Are you close to being set for this year’s event? and is there any way people can offer to help during the event?

NEAL: We’re pretty much there now thankfully! Its still possible to offer your services as a volunteer – just email Sarah, the festival coordinator and ask for the details sarah@focuswales.com

MIMR: Thanks a lot Neal for your time in this busy period, i’m sure the event will be a big success this year and MIMR will have full coverage of the festival. I take it after all this work you will be having a drink or two, whats your tipple?

NEAL: Well this year we have the excellent Big Hand Brewing running our festival bar over the next four days and also Penderyn have kindly sponsored us this year too – so if you see me, I’ll happily accept a big hand ale or a penderyn g&t (depending on the time of day)

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