MIMR Band Chat @focuswales 2015: @HorizonsCymru interview with Bethan Elfyn

In another special Band Chat on MIMR we introduce the Horizons project, a celebration of everything amazing about musicians in Wales. The selected artists get to showcase their talents at Focus Wales, which MIMR will have coverage on the blog. I spoke to Bethan Elfyn, project manager of Horizons and acclaimed Radio DJ about the origins of the project and what to expect at Focus Wales

MIMR: So This is the 2nd year of Horizons project in Wales this year. What was the intentions of the project from its starting point?

Bethan: There’s a few aims – to be one of the aspects of the partnership between BBC Wales and Arts Council of Wales, and to promote Welsh music to wider audiences through stages at Festivals and BBC Radio platform and finally to mentor a small selection of Welsh musicians of every year

MIMR: I’ve already checked out all the artists that were selected and its a abundance of impressive talent. Was the process taken a hard decision to narrow it down to this group?

Bethan: People always ask “What’s the criteria” and it’s quite hard to pin point, but we need a wide selection of contemporary musicians from around Wales, with different genres, and different voices. It’s an intense process of listening to everyone, then the round table discussion kicks in, and some will be championed by one or two people, others will get a good reaction from the whole panel before we narrow it down further 

MIMR: At Focus Wales we will get to see these artists perform, what will make this showcase so special and what’s it mean to be part of Focus Wales?

Bethan: The group of musicians behind Focus Wales have got the best in mind when promoting the town of Wrexham, and the music scene there – I’ve always enjoyed the gigs at Central Station, so it’s important to succeed, and to be supported in an area that doesn’t see many festivals – they also always put a good line up together, so it’s good to be part of such an Exciting festival. Our 3b location will be transformed and we’ve got a few surprises in store for the day, so you’ll have to pop along to find out more

MIMR: Whats the future for the project and how can artists apply? 

Bethan: The next thing to look out for is the Launchpad Fund, with small grants to support artists – these are announced in September, all other news will be announced via twitter @horizonscymru or our website www.bbc.co.uk/horizons

MIMR: Thanks a lot for talking to us here at MIMR, where and when is the special Focus Wales showcase taking place?  

Bethan3b, Priory Street, Wrexham, just round the corner from Central Station


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