MIMR Band Chat @focuswales 2015: Seazoo 

As we draw ever nearer to Focus Wales there are certain bands that MIMR think are must sees at the festival, Wrexham’s Seazoo fall into this category. Their infectious pop songs has made them much admired by a ever increasing following. MIMR got to see them over xmas at Central station, Wrexham and they were great. 

I spoke to Ben about the forthcoming EP, Focus Wales and TYSKIE WAR (all will be explained)

MIMR: Thanks for joining us on MIMR, whats the latest with Seazoo? i hear they will be some new music we can get our hands on

Ben: Nice to be asked – cheers! Yes, the EP ‘Car Deborah’ will be released June 1st! It’s been ready for ages, so looking forward to it being set free. Then it’ll be making the the debut album. Again, this has been written and has existed in demo form since Feb 2014. Just been so busy this last year, haven’t had a chance to sit down and record it. Looking forward to getting these album songs out, and also learning them to play live too! We’ve kind of saved all the good songs for the album! And who knows after that – there are lots of songs to get through!


MIMR: So Focus Wales is just round the corner, whats it mean for you as a band to be part of what is a pretty huge festival?

Ben: Really excited about this one. Think it was only our fifth gig at last year’s Focus Wales, and I think we’ve improved a bit since then, so should be good! I (Ben) will hopefully have LLinos’ Dad’s old Squire Strat. for the gig – it has a tremolo bar on it, not used on of those before. Looking forward to overusing that.

MIMR: Will you be around for the festival? If so what other bands will you be going to see?

Ben: We’re all in so many different bands that we usually miss most things. Your’e either getting ready for a show, loading gear in, playing, or loading gear out! But should catch bands at our venue. I know we’re playing with Future of the Left which is smart! 


MIMR: Thanks again for speaking to MIMR, do any of you have any pre-gig routines or supersitions?

Ben: In reality, no. Especially with festivals, it’s often really rushed and manic pre gig. Again, SPEED LUGGING heavy equipment is the key here.

If you want me to make something up, then, yes, of course we have a pre gig routine! It’s called TYSKIE WAR. 1 can. Tops off. 5 people. Light’s out. We’re not going on until that can has been drunk

Thanks again to Ben for speaking to us, Seazoo play Central Station venue on the Thursday, be there!

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