MIMR Band Chat @focuswales 2015: Kidsmoke

MIMR was created to give bands/artists who MIMR thinks should be given the chance to prove themselves on the bigger stage and this is answered by our next band, the excellent Kidsmoke. This year has all the makings of being a big year for the band, a new EP out, extra tour dates and a greater momentum to their all round package as a band. As they prepare for their appearance at Focus Wales I spoke to good friend of the blog Lance about the new EP and the excitement of being at the festival

MIMR: Glad to have you back on MIMR and also a joy to have Kidsmoke as my featured band this month. How did the EP launch gig go and are you happy with the initial reception of the record?

Lance: It’s always a pleasure to speak with MIMR and many thanks for having us as your band of the month. 

The EP launches were great, we did two, one at UnDegUn in Wrexham and one at Fuel in Manchester. We had some great bands play with us and the EP has been really well received so far. We’re doing a bit of work behind the scenes to make sure it gets heard by as many people as possible and we’ve already got the wheels in motion for the next release. 


MIMR: Now Focus Wales has been a fantastic event for Wrexham/North Wales since its creation 5 years ago. Do you have any fond memories of the festival you can share?

Lance: This is our third year playing Focus Wales and it just keeps getting better, Wrexham comes alive during the festival. Our first time playing the festival was our first gig as Kidsmoke and I remember it being a bit nervy. The time after that we were a lot more together, and played the same night as GULP if I remember correctly, who were great. This year, in my opinion the lineup is the best yet and we are sandwiched between EAGULLS and a Mike Joyce DJ set. As a massive fan of The Smiths I’m hoping I don’t go ‘full fanboy’ on him! 

MIMR: I hear you will be around for the festival, which bands will you in particular be going to see?

Lance: I’m hoping to be off work for most of the festival so my aim is to stumble from venue to venue in the hope of seeing as many acts as possible. I’m looking forward to catching the headliners and I don’t want to miss the likes of Sweet Baboo, Seazoo, Mechanical Owl or Trecco Beis amongst others. There’s a nifty little Spotify playlist that Focus Wales put together of a lot of the bands who are playing this year which I’m currently listening to, here’s the link: https://open.spotify.com/user/focuswales/playlist/2F5GjlSw3MtgQVrOGOyG0L


MIMR: With so many music industry people expected at the festival, do you agree that it’s one of the best times at the moment for local bands to get themselves heard?

Lance: Yeah, it’s a good stepping stone for younger local bands to play alongside touring bands and artists from further afield, although local bands shouldn’t be just waiting around for these type of events to come around to be heard, you need to get yourself out there too. 

With all the interactive discussions taking place with people who work in the industry, there’s opportunities to meet a lot of influential people and learn about the business you are/want to be in. In the past years I’ve not taken advantage of this, which is something I’m going to change this year. 


MIMR: Thanks for talking to us again Lance and have a fantastic festival, Can you tell us when/where Kidsmoke play the festival?

Lance: Yeah, we are playing Central Station at Midnight on Friday, 24th. Thanks MIMR

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