MIMR Band Chat @focuswales 2015: Baby Brave

Joining MIMR today are Wrexham’s guitar-pop maestros Baby Brave. They chat about their new EP, their appearance at Focus Wales and their special talents

MIMR: Welcome to MIMR, I will start off by asking you how the band came together and was it clear what musical direction Baby Brave would enter into?

BB: We’ve been playing together as the current line-up since October 2013, and that was where we started creating our noise pop aesthetic. Before that, we were much more of a twee-indie band, but now this new injection of distortion and drones is happening we couldn’t be happier with our new sound.

MIMR: I hear you have a new EP in the works, can you tell me more about it and how different in approach is it to last year’s fantastic King Horse EP?

BB: Yes! We have a new EP! It’s called ‘Tacky Birthday’, to be released in June, can’t wait for you to hear it.  If you’ve ever been to a Baby Brave gig then you’ll definitely recognize the tracks on this record. Multi layered and interesting, inspired by PJ Harvey and Brian Eno, it doesn’t sound quite the same as our live set because we’ve had fun in the studio playing with so many different sounds  (and at least a thousand guitar tracks) it’s really taken the songs up to a new level. They’re noise-pop, that’s a guarantee, and if you liked King Horse then you won’t be disappointed. 

MIMR: Now Focus Wales is going to be a big event and I’m looking forward to seeing a lot of amazing bands, how does it feel to be involved in such a huge festival and which other bands will you want to see?

BB: It feels great to have a festival like Focus Wales in our hometown! We know all the venues so it’s really exciting so see the town come to life and loads of people travelling over to Wrexham. It’s a fantastic opportunity to meet artists from overseas and build a music connection with them too. Some of the bands have stayed with us during the festival over the last few years and that’s been amazing! It’s nice to make friends from all over the world. 

This year we’re absolutely beyond ecstatic to supporting Bo Ningen! That will be a great show, they’re doing some really awesome things at the moment so that’s one not to miss! Also looking forward to catching Geraint Rhys, Cleo T, Darren Eedens and Black Honey. Oh, and Amy Studt! 

MIMR: If you could take one song you could take credit for as a band which one would it be?

BB: An impossible question! We would probably never agree on just one, but the songs we listen to on the road would be a good indicator of our shared music taste… so it’d have to be something by Talking Heads, PJ Harvey or My Bloody Valentine…

MIMR: Can you tell MIMR about any funny moments that have happened on stage?

BB: Every gig is a different experience! We love touring and playing new places. One particularly funny time was when we played an acoustic set for the Edinburgh Fringe festival. It was part of an event called ‘Pubs n Dugs’, where people were able to bring their dogs along for the show. It was in a tiny café and I’m not sure that anyone knew a gig was going on, as there was a large group of people at a table round the corner… their loud chattering was all anyone could hear. SO, what did we do? Steve turned up the amp to 11, I sang at the top of my lungs, it was classic. The dogs liked it though! ☺


MIMR: Thanks for taking the time to speak to us, we will finish with this one, do any of the band have any special talents that people may not know about?

Emmi: I can bend my tongue into the shape of a clover. Yep.

Sian: I will say my special skill is wittering. We all know I’m good at that!

Steve: My special skill: the ability to play any song, from any genre, in the style of 80’s hair metal legends Eddie Van Halen or Yngwie Malmsteen.

Mike: I don’t have any special talents… does nonchalance count? Maybe egg poaching, I’m proud I can poach a meeean egg.

Thanks again to Baby brave for chatting to us, they play at Focus Wales on Sunday 25th April at Central Station

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