MIMR Band Chat @focuswales 2015: The Wobbly Hearts

There’s great intrigue in the next band on MIMR Band Chat. North-Walian rockers The Wobbly Hearts come to Focus Wales with a lot of people talking about them and MIMR will be sure to check what all the fuss is about in a few weeks. I spoke to Jools from the band, new recordings from the band and his thoughts on the festival were the main topics discussed

MIMR: So The Wobbly hearts how has 2015 been for you as a band so far?

JulianIt’s been a pretty steady start to the year really, a couple of decent support slots and a change from acoustic to electric guitar from Doctor Carl has kept us ticking over. Add focus wales, a couple of other gigs upcoming, some new tunes and some studio time this month to that and we’re pretty happy. The aim is to get the fruits of our studio time released and play some gigs off the back of it. It’ll be Xmas before you know it!  

MIMR: How does it feel to be part of such a big festival like Focus Wales this year?

Julian: We love focus wales, so happy to be part of it. We’ve all played it before, and just love the atmosphere. So many real good bands rammed into wrexham is such a good thing for the local scene and the town in general. The organisers deserve a bucket-load of grace, goodwill and fortune!

MIMR; Which other bands on the bill do you recommend MIMR definately go and see?

Julian: Like I said there are so many really good bands on the lineup you wouldn’t go far wrong just stumbling into any venue at any time! But if you stumbled into Seazoo, The Mexican Walking Fish, Falls, The Membranes, Hedge Gods or The Revolutionary Spirit you’d be in good hands. Or FOTL, cos they’re totally boss!   

MIMR: Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the festival, what will be your tipple at the bar?

Julian: Big beers. Definitely big beers!! 

The Wobbly Hearts Play Central Station on Thursday 23rd April

Check out their Facebook here: 


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