MIMR Band Chat @focuswales: Danny Gruff

As we prepare for Focus Wales (only 2 weeks away) MIMR’s next Band Chat is with friend of the blog, singer/songwriter Danny Gruff. We chat about his challenge for this year and his Focus Wales Memories

MIMR: Welcome back to MIMR Danny, you had the honour of being part of the 1st Band Chat last year so very glad to have you back on the blog. How has 2015 been treating you?

Danny: Hey! 2015 has probably been the best start musically I’ve ever had. I decided to set myself the challenge of writing and releasing One New Tune A Week for a year. I’m on week 14 at the moment, it’s been fun! I did a tour with a band called ‘People on Vacation’ in February as well which took me all around the country playing to new people. That was alot of fun! I’ve decided to be a bit more active rather than sitting back and hoping stuff will happen. It’s a much better approach, I’d definitely recommend it. 


MIMR:  How many Focus Wales festivals have you been part of and what are your fondest memories of any previous years?

Danny: I’ve played every single one I believe, that’s 5 right? I remember the year that a band called ‘The Whip’ played, that was a fun year. I wouldn’t say I’m a massive fan of the band but they played the final night and there was something special about that night. There was a great atmosphere and it made me proud to be from Wrexham.

MIMR: What do you think makes a festival like Focus Wales so special?

Danny: It’s the intimacy I suppose. You can see some of the finest acts from around the world in tiny venues. It’s amazing how vibrant Wrexham gets at the time as well. It feels like Cardiff during Swn or Sheffield during Tramlines. It’s organised and run by great people as well which makes a difference.   

MIMR: Thanks Danny once again, looking forward to catching you at Focus Wales. Are you going to have the chance to see any other bands? If so which ones will be your top tips to see?

Danny: My pleasure! I’m sticking around for a couple of days before I have to move on to do some other gigs. I’d recommend watching my band JKLMNO as well, unfortunately I’m not playing with them due to other commitments but my best friend Sam Jones is replacing. He’s also doing a solo set in the Royal Oak, definitely worth checking out. He’s great. Other acts I’d recommend: Doppelganger, Alx Green, Camera, Andy Hickie, Carl Harrison, The Maydays, Portlights and We Were Giants

Danny will be playing the UnDegUn venue on Thursday 23rd April

See what Focus Wales have to say about Danny Gruff here: 


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