MIMR Band Chat @focuswales 2015: Mowbird

Next on MIMR special Band Chats with acts playing this year’s Focus Wales festival is Wrexham, guitar-pop foursome Mowbird. They impressed with their last record ‘Islander’ last year and 2015 promises more of the same. I spoke to Ben from the band about news of the next record and his favourite bands from this year’s festival

MIMR: Thanks for talking to MIMR again, whats the latest with Mowbird?

Ben: Thank you Griff! We’re just finishing up our second album and we’ve started work on the next release! We’re playing as many shows as possible and really enjoying being back in business. 


MIMR: Whats it mean to be part of such a big festival like Focus Wales?

Ben: It’s mega – this is our third Focus Wales and I think it’ll be the best one yet. You really have to be on your game as all of the bands performing are brilliant. We really love meeting all of the people that come to see us, so be sure to say hi!

MIMR: What other bands on the Focus Wales bill will you make a b-line to see?

Ben: Once again, we are clashing with a Welsh superstar at St Giles – last year it was Euros Childs, this year it’s Sweet Baboo. We’ll be dashing back from a wedding reception to catch Bo Ningen and Moja on Saturday night and we’ll be trying to see Samoans, Trecco Beis, The Wobbly Hearts and Seazoo of course!


MIMR: Hope you guys enjoy the festival, looking forward to your set. What songs would be essential on your personal festival playlist?

Ben: Candylion – Gruff Rhys, My Girls – Animal Collective and probably Oh Mary – Ty Segall.


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