MIMR Playlist April 2nd

KIDSMOKE  ‘Buffalo’

We start the 1st MIMR Playlist of this month with our featured band for April, Kidsmoke. They celebrate the release of their 2nd EP ‘So Long, Emptiness’ with this track ‘Buffalo’ one of the many gems to come from it. It’s been a long road since 2013 EP ‘Higher’ with a line up change and a more measured approach which certainly will bring them to a greater audience. ‘Buffalo’ flows along with great gusto and the combination of beautiful lyrics and sublime melodies make for a song you will want to be pressing repeat for. Get on their new EP, it’s some of their best works so far! 



Following on from MIMR recent, long standing favouritism towards duos are Duke Mercury. This Manchester pairing certainly know how to put on a rock show, as proved this week when I witnessed them at full pelt supporting Demob Happy @ The Ruby Lounge. It’s this instant burst of high energy and electrifying racket of noise which will have you gasping for air everytime. ‘Itchy’ is a prime example of the duo’s offerings, quick-fire vocals and thunderous riffs and beats. Watch out for more from these guys on MIMR in the near future 


THE MACCABEES  ‘Marks To Prove It’

Indie favourites The Maccabees return with their 1st offering from their forthcoming fourth record and their 1st since their successful 2012 record ‘Given To The Wild’ which reached the UK top 5 in the album charts. They’ve stated that their new songs will make a obvious departure from the previous, a bolder, more confident outlook on their sound and this track certainly makes you stand up and take notice. It’s a racey track with high energy and powerful vocals, another hit record then is on the cards and a excellent addition to their ever impressive back catalogue 



Just when MIMR thought that I’d heard everything Manchester Music had to offer BITWS share their music wisdom with us. As with Duke Mercury I was lucky to see BITWS at the forementioned Demob Happy gig this week and their set was enthralling to say the least. The fuzzy, noise-rock five piece know how to make themselves heard and highlighted track ‘Quietus’ will send you in a whirl, atmospheric, haunting vocals and tinged with psychedelic vibes which are a delight, super! 


EAST INDIA YOUTH  ‘Hearts That Never’

The electronic pop stylings of William Doyle came to prominence with last year’s debut ‘Total Strife Forever’. This Mercury music nominated album from the commonly known ‘East India Youth‘ was a fantastic collection of his talents. The new record ‘Culture Of Volume’ released April 7th continues his growing reputation as a stand out electronic-pop artist. ‘Hearts That Never’ is possible the most gripping piece on the new record, it’s almost 7 minutes of cascading vocals and flowing, ambitious musical journey, it’s another piece of excellence 


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