MIMR featured band of the month: Kidsmoke @focuswales 2015

Focus Wales brought us many memorable performances, Bo Ningen, Slaves, Moja, Seazoo, Black Honey to name but a few, it was Kidsmoke’s set on the Friday night though that MIMR was looking forward to the most. Having already seen Lance and the guys before many times, it was mainly to see how many others inContinue reading “MIMR featured band of the month: Kidsmoke @focuswales 2015”

MIMR @HorizonsCymru @focuswales 2015

A very special evening took place on friday where the Horizons Project took centre stage at Focus Wales 2015. A superb set up at the 3b Galeri venue where some of the Horizons artists showcased they’re talents and here is just a selection of the many highlights from the evening Delyth Mclean Yr Eira VioletContinue reading “MIMR @HorizonsCymru @focuswales 2015”

MIMR Gig Gallery @focuswales 2015: Day 3

The third day of this year’s festival was billed as possible the best day of music and it didn’t disappoint, here’s just a few moments from some of the bands that were on show Jamie Wrecs       Campfire Social       The Echo and The Always       The Maydays          Highs    Camera       Eagulls      Continue reading “MIMR Gig Gallery @focuswales 2015: Day 3”

MIMR Gig Gallery @focuswales 2015: Day 2

Day 2 of the festival was pretty dam special, lots of amazing bands and some crazy moments, here just a taste of what happened Em and Steve (from Baby Brave)          Jessica Ball      Cold Committee         The Wobbly Hearts    John Mouse          Danny Gruff          MowbirdContinue reading “MIMR Gig Gallery @focuswales 2015: Day 2”

MIMR Gig Gallery @focuswales 2015: Day 1

Here are some pics from the 1st night of this year’s Focus Wales festival. And what a night it was    Bone Cult       Juno and The Mook        Blood lips          Mother of six       Gobow              Slaves               Watch out for Day 2 highlights from Focus Wales tomorrow Continue reading “MIMR Gig Gallery @focuswales 2015: Day 1”

MIMR Band Chat @focuswales 2015: Neal Thompson from Focus Wales

In the final MIMR Band Chat before the big kick off of Focus Wales 2015 I got the chance to speak to Neal (one of the festival organisers) on the eve of the biggest Focus Wales yet. This includes all you need to know about this year’s event, it’s going to be spectacular 4 daysContinue reading “MIMR Band Chat @focuswales 2015: Neal Thompson from Focus Wales”

MIMR Band Chat @focuswales 2015: @HorizonsCymru interview with Bethan Elfyn

In another special Band Chat on MIMR we introduce the Horizons project, a celebration of everything amazing about musicians in Wales. The selected artists get to showcase their talents at Focus Wales, which MIMR will have coverage on the blog. I spoke to Bethan Elfyn, project manager of Horizons and acclaimed Radio DJ about theContinue reading “MIMR Band Chat @focuswales 2015: @HorizonsCymru interview with Bethan Elfyn”

MIMR Band Chat @focuswales 2015: Seazoo 

As we draw ever nearer to Focus Wales there are certain bands that MIMR think are must sees at the festival, Wrexham’s Seazoo fall into this category. Their infectious pop songs has made them much admired by a ever increasing following. MIMR got to see them over xmas at Central station, Wrexham and they wereContinue reading “MIMR Band Chat @focuswales 2015: Seazoo “