MIMR Band Chat Presents The Fontaines

This brother/sister duo from L.A certainly know how to write a good tune or two. The Fontaines are Charlotte and Hank and they have spent a lot of time performing and displaying their talents, spreading their joyful sound wherever they go

MIMR was very lucky to speak to Charlotte from The Fontaines, where she discusses the latest with the band and their future plans

MIMR: Hello The Fontaines, how would you describe yourselves to any music fans over in the U.K?

Charlotte: Spunky.  

MIMR: What’s the music scene in L.A like at the moment?

Charlotte: There’s room for everybody. I’m out Mondays through Sundays listening to live music all around our area.


MIMR: Tell MIMR about this New EP you have coming out?

Charlotte: It’s self -titled, black and white, and there’s a song named after yours truly, Charlotte Fontaine!

MIMR: How did the idea come about to name your EP tracks about famous people? Was they’re any that missed the cut?

Charlotte: How flattering would it be if someone wrote a song using your name? The idea originally came about because I was teasing Hank about his celebrity crush on Diane Keaton. We wrote a couple of songs called “Diane” and “Ms. Keaton” even haha.



MIMR: How can we check out your music and find out all the latest goings on with the band?

Charlotte: Our facebook, The Fontaines (New Wop from LA), our twitter, The_Fontaines, our instagram; TheFontaines and our website www.thatfontainesound.com

MIMR: Do you have ambitions to play over in the U.K in the future?

Charlotte: Absolutely. I want to play in Fiji. There’s nowhere I don’t want to play. Though the UK would be the most logicial next choice since we could order food in our native tongue…


MIMR: Thanks for chatting with us, your EP sounds like it will be a success. Describe the feeling you have when you get positive reviews about your music?

Charlotte: Like I’m a kid again who is being woken up early to spend the day at Disneyland. Whenever I see a positive response to our music I want to go “look mom! Someone actually likes us as much as YOU do!”. I’m a total dork so I save a lot of the best comments, I’ll probably make a scrapbook out of them someday or something haha. Thanks for having us! 


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