MIMR Band Chat Presents Goda Tungl

Adding to the endless number of Manchester bands making a big impression on MIMR are Oldham’s Young, electronic/Indie upstarts Goda Tungl. With a EP ‘Applewhite Nettles’ already under the belts it’s plain to see that they are all set for continuing their development as a band and grabbing many new followers

MIMR spoke to Goda Tungl about their beginnings as a band and what we can expect from them in the future

MIMR: Now MIMR wants to know how the name Goda Tungl came about?

GT: Goda Tungl is the name of a banging tune by the Icelandic band Samaris. We’re shit at coming up with names, so we sat around and refused to go home until we had decided on a band name. We froze to death, but had the most productive night of our lives. We had played around with a few other names but Goda Tungl seemed to fit perfectly, so we stuck with it. It’s a shame that nobody can pronounce it, but that’s our cross to bear.

MIMR: Listening to your last EP recently has been super exciting, how pleased have you been with its reception?

GT: Thank you, we have been overwhelmed with the reception. We formed the band less than a year ago, and only 8 months since the release of Applewhite Nettles so to receive this level of support has been wonderful. We’re really grateful to everyone who has listened or helped, especially to BBC Introducing, who gave us airplay and believed in us from the start. Doing a live session on BBC Radio Manchester was a big highlight for us.


MIMR: I believe you have a new EP lined up, can you tell MIMR about this?

GT: We’re recording our new EP at the moment. It’s going to be 4 songs that we’ve been playing live for a while. They are more serious and diverse. Chunky, yet funky. We’ve tried to explore new themes with the lyrics, as on Applewhite Nettles the songs mainly concerned relationships. The songs on this EP explore some larger issues in society and attempt to be a bit more meaningful. Also, we’ve exploited our drum machine a lot more on this record. It features a heavier electronic sound, moving our sound away from conventional indie rock. We’ve been influenced by a much wider variety of music, from Iceage to AlunaGeorge. We unknowingly ripped off a kraftwerk song too. oops. We know what we’re doing this time. kind of. not really. 

MIMR:  Noticed you played with MIMR favourites Man Made recently, how did it go? 

GT: The Man Made gig was sweet! We’ve been big fans for a while so it was great for us, and they were all really nice guys. It came a few days after our gig at FAC 251, where we had played to a massive crowd, so we were all in good spirits and the momentum was brought forward to this gig. It gave us the chance to play in front of a really good crowd, and it opened up a lot of new opportunities for us. The Castle is one of our favourite venues too, so playing there is always cool. Definitely one of the best gigs we’ve played, we gained a number of new fans. We also got to see Man Made for free, which was great because we’re poor.

MIMR: What’s gigs have you got coming up then?

GT: Our upcoming gigs are :

Saturday 28th March – Blind Tiger in Bolton supporting Sittin Pretty.
Tuesday 21st April – Lock 91 Manchester for Tuesday Live.
Friday 8th May – Somewhere in Leeds with Double Denim Live.

We don’t know the Leeds venue cuz we are shit. We usually just roam around until we find a stage.


MIMR: Thanks a lot for speaking to MIMR, to finish off do you have a essential song you have to hear on a jukebox or a DJ play?

GT: Boase is our resident DJ, so this is where we come into our own. Going to ace this question. Prepare your ears.

Sam’s must have banger – Funkytown – Lipps Inc.
Scott’s number 1 fire hot drop – Papa If You Can Hear Me – N-Dubz (not ashamed) (d-a-pp to the y)
Harry Boase’s hottest record in the world – Hero (Spanish Version) – Enrique Iglesias
Tom’s barn dance party starter – About You Now – Sugababes

A interesting playlist there :p Thanks a lot again to Goda Tungl for talking to us, expect more from them on the blog in the near future 

Here are the essential links: 

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