MIMR Band Chat Presents False Advertising  

It’s a very rare thing when MIMR discover a band so early on in their development and certainly before their 1st gig. Manchester band False Advertising have all the attributes to being something pretty special, their Fuzzy-infused alternative sound showcased in their 1st track ‘Wasting Away‘ which is up there as one of MIMR tracks of the year so far

I got the chance to speak to the band about their journey so far and what people can expect from them in the future

MIMR: Hey and what’s the latest news with the band?

JOSH: Hey man!

CHRIS: Well we only put out our first track last week, but we have an album recorded and in the production stages.

JOSH: We’re just pulling together the last pieces of it now, so have booked a gig or two running up to it’s release. I suppose our support slot with Turrentine Jones at the Deaf Institute in Manchester on Good Friday is still our most recent bit of news!

MIMR: MIMR sees that False Advertising has been a project which hasn’t been rushed and methodically planned. What made you as a band believe you were ready to take this to the next level?

JEN: It’s taken a while to get right, but we all agreed that it wasn’t worth us announcing ourselves publicly or booking any gigs until our music was ready to share, to a standard that we were pleased with. Admittedly, It was difficult to be so patient at times, but I think it’s been worth the wait.

In the background Chris has been producing music for a while now and Josh has been in different bands for ages. I do a lot of design for music in my day job and I released my own solo album in January – so there’s actually been lots happening to help prepare us for this over the years. Everything False Advertising has been 100% DIY so far based our collective experience.

CHRIS: We always enjoyed the idea of introducing ourselves more explosively with a full album after working really hard behind the scenes, so arriving pretty fully formed was always the plan.

MIMR: Personally I’m looking forward to how the band will look on stage. Is image important to you or is it your music that will do all the talking?

JEN: Although we’re not planning to dress up or anything, it is something that we’re starting to bring together. More of our vision for the visual side will come across with all the artwork and music video plans that we have in the pipeline. We’ve stuck with our DIY approach with all the music, so the same should go for what you see!

MIMR: What bands around at the moment inspire you?

JOSH: Where to begin? We love Queens of the Stone Age, they’ve got it all – high energy, amazing buried melodies, outstanding artwork – they’re just pro.

CHRIS: Speedy Ortiz are a band that really inspire us, really looking forward to their new album next month.

JEN: I’m getting quite into noise-rock/pop stuff at the moment. Girl Band and Viet Cong are pretty ace.

MIMR: Do you have a favourite music venue in Manchester?

CHRIS: That’s tough, so many small venues have really upped their game in recent years. Night and Day, Deaf Institute, Gullivers, Eagle Inn and Gorilla are all excellent. The Apollo tends to have the best overall atmosphere and sound though.

JOSH: I really like Gorilla, the three of us went to see Jamie Lenman there last year and it was just perfect – the right level of intimacy, good sound and the place looks so unique.

JEN: Even some of the less pristine ones do have their charm, I was gutted to hear today that the Roadhouse is closing, many good nights have been had in there.

MIMR: How important do you think social media is to the development and success of any new band

JEN: Very, although as a new band it’s currently it’s an enigma that we’re yet to crack – but thinking about it several opportunities have sprung out of our modest 100-odd twitter followers, with this interview being one of them! I’ve been eagerly watching bands grow their fanbase in all sorts of ways through social media, it’s a great thing really and we’ve got plenty of ideas for where we could take it.

MIMR: Thanks for sharing your thoughts with MIMR, What will you go and do now?

JOSH: Thanks for asking, it’s been a pleasure! Probably go grab another brew after this


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