MIMR Band Chat presents Bad Grammar

It’s fantastic to have had the chance to speak to Lucy and Ben again on MIMR. This week is the countdown to their big single launch gig at The Castle, which I’ve been looking forward to for some time now

This interview will give you all you need to know about the new single and the Castle gig which I strongly recommend

MIMR: Hey, a great pleasure to have you as MIMR featured band for this month. It has already been a busy and exciting start to 2015 for the band. Are you happy with the initial reactions and comments that the new single have received and have you noticed a difference this time round when you compare it to the Forced Fun EP?


BG: Thanks for having us! Absolutely, it had been a little while since we finished the recording of the tracks, so it felt great to finally unleash them and get such a great response! We’ve been lucky to work with Flatpack Records again for this release, who’ve been amazing & have done an excellent job in pushing the release in the right direction and through the right channels which helped massively. The tracks are probably the most “in-your-face” tunes we’ve done and a lot of the comments have been focussed on boldness in sound, so we’re dead pleased people have picked up on that.


MIMR: Tell us about the video for ‘Clown’ where was it set and was it fun to make?

BG: It was shot it in two locations; a pub in Bolton called The Blue Boar and then we used the cool venue space at the top of The Kings Arms in Salford. It was a really fun day, it was pretty exhausting as we shot it all in one day but we roped some friends in to help out with shooting and act as extras, so things ran pretty smoothly! It’s based on the idea of reversing gender stereotypes, where men are perceived in the way women are perceived & vice versa. We wanted the video to ultimately be light-hearted but with undertones of social commentary on stereotypical perceptions of genders.


MIMR: This single launch night at The Castle later this month looks like it’s going to be very special. Do you guys get nervous before any gigs?


BG: We think so too, it’s been a long time in the making so there might be some nerves, just because we want it to be the best it can be. We have such a strong support line-up from our favourite old & new bands, so it’s just going to be a lovely time. In general though, I guess it depends on the show as to whether we get nervous or not, sometimes you don’t have the time to get nervous, you just get up and play. But it’s perfectly natural to have nerves, it’s part of playing a show!


MIMR: Are there any bands around at this moment that you reckon people should check out?

BG: Too many to list here, but there seems to be a few new bands crawling from out of the wood work in Manchester right now which is great to see, because it went quiet for a while. We’ve recently shared the stage with some really sweet local bands like Flesh and Sweet Deals on Surgery, who both have different sounds but create these super catchy pop tunes with big hooks. There’s a brand new band called False Advertising who we rehearse next door to, they’ve just debuted a track online and they’re ace, kinda grunge-infused pop with strong sense of melody. Think Doe/Speedy Ortiz vibes. Elsewhere, there’s some really good stuff from the midlands at the moment, bands like Youth Man, Hyena and Fauxchisels who are all making lots of great fuzzy noise. Our favourites from Birmingham are Elephantine who are opening up our show at The Castle next week which we’re dead excited about. They’re one of the most epic and captivating new bands we’ve seen in ages, so we’re really looking forward to showing them off up north. You’ll love ‘em. Trust me. 


MIMR: Good luck on the 27th March, it’s going to be totally awesome. I think The Castle will be a perfect setting too. Do you have any idea already about the set list and running order? If so will there be any surprises on the night?

BG: We have been working on a set list and we like to think we’ve got a little bit of everything in there. We’ll be debuting some brand new songs which we’re really happy with (possible new release, watch this space), and some older tracks too, one in which we’ve not played in a little while & we’ll probably forget how to play. You won’t mind, will you? There may be one or two little surprises thrown in, but you’ll have to come down to the show to find out #hardsell


Soundcloud: https://m.soundcloud.com/badgrammar


Buy tickets here for their Single launch gig, limited tickets available: http://www.wegottickets.com/event/308117

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