MIMR Band Chat: Asylums

Asylums are a energetic, thrill a second four-piece from Essex who have recently become hot property in many towns and cities and its not a surprise to MIMR. Their New EP ‘Wet Dream Fanzine’ showcases their huge talents and journey so far as a band, with bigger and better things on the way, the sky is the limit for these chaps

MIMR was very lucky to get a few words from Luke (Vocals/Guitar) from Asylums, in this interview he discusses their success so far, their future plans and crazy taxi drivers

MIMR:  Hey guys, describe how it’s been being in Asylums over the last few months, much be pretty chuffed with all the positive comments regarding your music of late?

Luke: Being in Asylums has been pretty cool recently for sure. Its lovely that people have been connecting with the music live and on record, the fact that we have managed to do it all with virtually no money is nothing short of a miracle. We have also managed to stay totally productive with new material which is always the lifeblood of any future plans.

MIMR: What are the origins of the band?

Luke: It took me so long to get here I don’t remember where I came from.

MIMR: Tell MIMR followers all about the ‘Wet Dream Fanzine’ EP

Luke: Its just our first chapter, we did three digital singles via our own label Cool Thing Records and decided to collate them on 7 inch vinyl to give fans something physical while we finished the album. Its short, exciting and leaves room for growth like any good debut release.

MIMR: Do you have any funny stories you can tell MIMR that have happened at any gigs you’ve played

Luke: We are normally too drunk to remember what happens at gigs,  last week we had to get a cab through central London with all our equipment during rush hour and the cab driver started driving up the pavement and taking his hands off the wheel playing air guitar……. he was explaining to us the history of REAL rock and roll while  BB Kings ‘When love comes to town’ was blaring on the stereo. It was pretty trippy. 

MIMR: What’s your favourite venue to gig?

Luke: We run the Cool Thing Records club nights in the basement of The Market Place in Southend, that’s home for us.

MIMR: The Video for ‘I’ve seen your face in a music magazine’ has a instant connection with Gaming, did you have a favourite computer game when you were growing up?

Luke: We never had a games console in my house, my dad was a painter and we couldn’t really afford it. But I used to enjoy Sonic, Moonwalker, Mario Bros and Alex Kidd with friends. 

MIMR: What’s the future hold for the band and do you have any gigs coming up?

Luke: Lots of exciting gigs coming up, check out WWW.ASYLUMSBAND.COMfor dates ……we are also finishing our debut album. You can never tell what’s around the corner in this band, so its best to just enjoy the ride. 

Thanks to Luke for talking to MIMR, a very firm favourite of MIMR over the last few months and it bodes well for many successes in the future

Here as always are some essential MIMR links

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