MIMR Playlist March 5th

Bad Grammar  ‘Who’s Yer mate?

We start this week’s Playlist with our very own featured band for March, the excellent Bad Grammar. ‘Who’s Yer Mate’ is the 2nd track on their double A-side new single along with ‘Clown’ (featured on the playlist a few weeks ago) But don’t think for one minute that this track is any less powerful or rip roaring than the lead track. It’s a thrill a second ride through the endless talents that this dynamic duo posess. Combine Lucy’s quick-fire beats and Ben’s ear popping vocals and you have a track worthy of very high acclaim. Ben cries ‘Wake up and smell the coffee’ MIMR thinks that people should do this, who’s Yer mate? Bad Grammar are!

Joanna Gruesome  ‘Honestly Do Yr Worst’

This track is the latest offering from Joanna Gruesome’s forthcoming new album ‘Peanut Butter’ and it makes for a very welcoming prospect of what we can expect on May’s release. It’s a suplime piece of indie pop with a superb array of eye catching vocals, which this Welsh band have proved they are more than capable of. It’s a rapid, under 2 minute blitz that captures the essence of Joanna Gruesome at their very best, honestly!

Spring king  ‘City’

This Manchester foursome have been on MIMR Spotlight in recent times, they featured on RADAR this week and their new material have made shockwaves that MIMR can hardly contain. ‘City’ is full of heart and soul, a quality that this energetic band have in abundance. Their passion on this gripping track is for all to see, which makes their upcoming EP ‘They’re Coming After You’ (out April 20th) even more highly recommended, it has MIMR’s stamp of approval!

Tellison  ‘Tact Is Dead’

With their 1st new material in 4 years, Tellison make a triumphant return to the music scene with this excellent track. Recently signed up by Alcopop Records and back on the live circuit, the london four piece are back and with a bang. As soon as the track kicks in you know that a big smile will grace many a face, it’s excellent and its almost like they were never away. MIMR can hardly wait for what these guys have in store for us next!

The Magic Gang  ‘No Fun’

One of 2015 hottest prospects are Brighton indie rockers The Magic Gang. ‘No Fun’ glides along effortlessly in a classic way, full of sharp riffs and cheek-glowing vocals. It’s a bigger and brutish track that underlines their undoubted potential as a band who can achieve future successes, this is one band that won’t be disappearing for a long time, join them and you will be duely rewarded for sure

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