MIMR Band Chat Presents The Fontaines

This brother/sister duo from L.A certainly know how to write a good tune or two. The Fontaines are Charlotte and Hank and they have spent a lot of time performing and displaying their talents, spreading their joyful sound wherever they go MIMR was very lucky to speak to Charlotte from The Fontaines, where she discussesContinue reading “MIMR Band Chat Presents The Fontaines”

MIMR Band Chat Presents Goda Tungl

Adding to the endless number of Manchester bands making a big impression on MIMR are Oldham’s Young, electronic/Indie upstarts Goda Tungl. With a EP ‘Applewhite Nettles’ already under the belts it’s plain to see that they are all set for continuing their development as a band and grabbing many new followers MIMR spoke to GodaContinue reading “MIMR Band Chat Presents Goda Tungl”

MIMR Gig Gallery: Affairs, Kidsmoke and The Slow Revolt

Here are a whole host of photos taken from last Thursday (19th March) gig @The Castle, Manchester feat. Affairs, Kidsmoke and The Slow Revolt. All 3 acts made this night more than pretty good, thanks to Beta for putting it on and MIMR fave venue The Castle for staging it Affairs            Kidsmoke              TheContinue reading “MIMR Gig Gallery: Affairs, Kidsmoke and The Slow Revolt”

MIMR Band Chat Presents False Advertising  

It’s a very rare thing when MIMR discover a band so early on in their development and certainly before their 1st gig. Manchester band False Advertising have all the attributes to being something pretty special, their Fuzzy-infused alternative sound showcased in their 1st track ‘Wasting Away‘ which is up there as one of MIMR tracks of theContinue reading “MIMR Band Chat Presents False Advertising  “

MIMR Band Chat Presents Hey Bulldog

MIMR introduces Hey Bulldog, the Manchester trio who’s bluesy-psychedelic sound and stunning live shows have attracted many followers. I spoke to the lead man Rob from the band, here’s what he had to tell us MIMR: How did the name Hey Bulldog come about? Rob: It always been a song I liked and it hasContinue reading “MIMR Band Chat Presents Hey Bulldog”

MIMR Gig Gallery: Flesh, Cold Ocean Lies and Trojan Horse

Here are some pics from a fantastic nights entertainment at The Castle last night (11th March) where 3 bands graced the small stage and certainly made it a super night of thrilling music Trojan Horse   Cold Ocean    Flesh   Here are some essential links for more info on all 3Continue reading “MIMR Gig Gallery: Flesh, Cold Ocean Lies and Trojan Horse”