MIMR Band Chat Presents The Fontaines

This brother/sister duo from L.A certainly know how to write a good tune or two. The Fontaines are Charlotte and Hank and they have spent a lot of time performing and displaying their talents, spreading their joyful sound wherever they go

MIMR was very lucky to speak to Charlotte from The Fontaines, where she discusses the latest with the band and their future plans

MIMR: Hello The Fontaines, how would you describe yourselves to any music fans over in the U.K?

Charlotte: Spunky.  

MIMR: What’s the music scene in L.A like at the moment?

Charlotte: There’s room for everybody. I’m out Mondays through Sundays listening to live music all around our area.


MIMR: Tell MIMR about this New EP you have coming out?

Charlotte: It’s self -titled, black and white, and there’s a song named after yours truly, Charlotte Fontaine!

MIMR: How did the idea come about to name your EP tracks about famous people? Was they’re any that missed the cut?

Charlotte: How flattering would it be if someone wrote a song using your name? The idea originally came about because I was teasing Hank about his celebrity crush on Diane Keaton. We wrote a couple of songs called “Diane” and “Ms. Keaton” even haha.



MIMR: How can we check out your music and find out all the latest goings on with the band?

Charlotte: Our facebook, The Fontaines (New Wop from LA), our twitter, The_Fontaines, our instagram; TheFontaines and our website www.thatfontainesound.com

MIMR: Do you have ambitions to play over in the U.K in the future?

Charlotte: Absolutely. I want to play in Fiji. There’s nowhere I don’t want to play. Though the UK would be the most logicial next choice since we could order food in our native tongue…


MIMR: Thanks for chatting with us, your EP sounds like it will be a success. Describe the feeling you have when you get positive reviews about your music?

Charlotte: Like I’m a kid again who is being woken up early to spend the day at Disneyland. Whenever I see a positive response to our music I want to go “look mom! Someone actually likes us as much as YOU do!”. I’m a total dork so I save a lot of the best comments, I’ll probably make a scrapbook out of them someday or something haha. Thanks for having us! 


MIMR Band Chat Presents Goda Tungl

Adding to the endless number of Manchester bands making a big impression on MIMR are Oldham’s Young, electronic/Indie upstarts Goda Tungl. With a EP ‘Applewhite Nettles’ already under the belts it’s plain to see that they are all set for continuing their development as a band and grabbing many new followers

MIMR spoke to Goda Tungl about their beginnings as a band and what we can expect from them in the future

MIMR: Now MIMR wants to know how the name Goda Tungl came about?

GT: Goda Tungl is the name of a banging tune by the Icelandic band Samaris. We’re shit at coming up with names, so we sat around and refused to go home until we had decided on a band name. We froze to death, but had the most productive night of our lives. We had played around with a few other names but Goda Tungl seemed to fit perfectly, so we stuck with it. It’s a shame that nobody can pronounce it, but that’s our cross to bear.

MIMR: Listening to your last EP recently has been super exciting, how pleased have you been with its reception?

GT: Thank you, we have been overwhelmed with the reception. We formed the band less than a year ago, and only 8 months since the release of Applewhite Nettles so to receive this level of support has been wonderful. We’re really grateful to everyone who has listened or helped, especially to BBC Introducing, who gave us airplay and believed in us from the start. Doing a live session on BBC Radio Manchester was a big highlight for us.


MIMR: I believe you have a new EP lined up, can you tell MIMR about this?

GT: We’re recording our new EP at the moment. It’s going to be 4 songs that we’ve been playing live for a while. They are more serious and diverse. Chunky, yet funky. We’ve tried to explore new themes with the lyrics, as on Applewhite Nettles the songs mainly concerned relationships. The songs on this EP explore some larger issues in society and attempt to be a bit more meaningful. Also, we’ve exploited our drum machine a lot more on this record. It features a heavier electronic sound, moving our sound away from conventional indie rock. We’ve been influenced by a much wider variety of music, from Iceage to AlunaGeorge. We unknowingly ripped off a kraftwerk song too. oops. We know what we’re doing this time. kind of. not really. 

MIMR:  Noticed you played with MIMR favourites Man Made recently, how did it go? 

GT: The Man Made gig was sweet! We’ve been big fans for a while so it was great for us, and they were all really nice guys. It came a few days after our gig at FAC 251, where we had played to a massive crowd, so we were all in good spirits and the momentum was brought forward to this gig. It gave us the chance to play in front of a really good crowd, and it opened up a lot of new opportunities for us. The Castle is one of our favourite venues too, so playing there is always cool. Definitely one of the best gigs we’ve played, we gained a number of new fans. We also got to see Man Made for free, which was great because we’re poor.

MIMR: What’s gigs have you got coming up then?

GT: Our upcoming gigs are :

Saturday 28th March – Blind Tiger in Bolton supporting Sittin Pretty.
Tuesday 21st April – Lock 91 Manchester for Tuesday Live.
Friday 8th May – Somewhere in Leeds with Double Denim Live.

We don’t know the Leeds venue cuz we are shit. We usually just roam around until we find a stage.


MIMR: Thanks a lot for speaking to MIMR, to finish off do you have a essential song you have to hear on a jukebox or a DJ play?

GT: Boase is our resident DJ, so this is where we come into our own. Going to ace this question. Prepare your ears.

Sam’s must have banger – Funkytown – Lipps Inc.
Scott’s number 1 fire hot drop – Papa If You Can Hear Me – N-Dubz (not ashamed) (d-a-pp to the y)
Harry Boase’s hottest record in the world – Hero (Spanish Version) – Enrique Iglesias
Tom’s barn dance party starter – About You Now – Sugababes

A interesting playlist there :p Thanks a lot again to Goda Tungl for talking to us, expect more from them on the blog in the near future 

Here are the essential links: 

MIMR Gig Gallery: Affairs, Kidsmoke and The Slow Revolt

Here are a whole host of photos taken from last Thursday (19th March) gig @The Castle, Manchester feat. Affairs, Kidsmoke and The Slow Revolt. All 3 acts made this night more than pretty good, thanks to Beta for putting it on and MIMR fave venue The Castle for staging it





The Slow Revolt 


MIMR Band Chat Presents False Advertising  

It’s a very rare thing when MIMR discover a band so early on in their development and certainly before their 1st gig. Manchester band False Advertising have all the attributes to being something pretty special, their Fuzzy-infused alternative sound showcased in their 1st track ‘Wasting Away‘ which is up there as one of MIMR tracks of the year so far

I got the chance to speak to the band about their journey so far and what people can expect from them in the future

MIMR: Hey and what’s the latest news with the band?

JOSH: Hey man!

CHRIS: Well we only put out our first track last week, but we have an album recorded and in the production stages.

JOSH: We’re just pulling together the last pieces of it now, so have booked a gig or two running up to it’s release. I suppose our support slot with Turrentine Jones at the Deaf Institute in Manchester on Good Friday is still our most recent bit of news!

MIMR: MIMR sees that False Advertising has been a project which hasn’t been rushed and methodically planned. What made you as a band believe you were ready to take this to the next level?

JEN: It’s taken a while to get right, but we all agreed that it wasn’t worth us announcing ourselves publicly or booking any gigs until our music was ready to share, to a standard that we were pleased with. Admittedly, It was difficult to be so patient at times, but I think it’s been worth the wait.

In the background Chris has been producing music for a while now and Josh has been in different bands for ages. I do a lot of design for music in my day job and I released my own solo album in January – so there’s actually been lots happening to help prepare us for this over the years. Everything False Advertising has been 100% DIY so far based our collective experience.

CHRIS: We always enjoyed the idea of introducing ourselves more explosively with a full album after working really hard behind the scenes, so arriving pretty fully formed was always the plan.

MIMR: Personally I’m looking forward to how the band will look on stage. Is image important to you or is it your music that will do all the talking?

JEN: Although we’re not planning to dress up or anything, it is something that we’re starting to bring together. More of our vision for the visual side will come across with all the artwork and music video plans that we have in the pipeline. We’ve stuck with our DIY approach with all the music, so the same should go for what you see!

MIMR: What bands around at the moment inspire you?

JOSH: Where to begin? We love Queens of the Stone Age, they’ve got it all – high energy, amazing buried melodies, outstanding artwork – they’re just pro.

CHRIS: Speedy Ortiz are a band that really inspire us, really looking forward to their new album next month.

JEN: I’m getting quite into noise-rock/pop stuff at the moment. Girl Band and Viet Cong are pretty ace.

MIMR: Do you have a favourite music venue in Manchester?

CHRIS: That’s tough, so many small venues have really upped their game in recent years. Night and Day, Deaf Institute, Gullivers, Eagle Inn and Gorilla are all excellent. The Apollo tends to have the best overall atmosphere and sound though.

JOSH: I really like Gorilla, the three of us went to see Jamie Lenman there last year and it was just perfect – the right level of intimacy, good sound and the place looks so unique.

JEN: Even some of the less pristine ones do have their charm, I was gutted to hear today that the Roadhouse is closing, many good nights have been had in there.

MIMR: How important do you think social media is to the development and success of any new band

JEN: Very, although as a new band it’s currently it’s an enigma that we’re yet to crack – but thinking about it several opportunities have sprung out of our modest 100-odd twitter followers, with this interview being one of them! I’ve been eagerly watching bands grow their fanbase in all sorts of ways through social media, it’s a great thing really and we’ve got plenty of ideas for where we could take it.

MIMR: Thanks for sharing your thoughts with MIMR, What will you go and do now?

JOSH: Thanks for asking, it’s been a pleasure! Probably go grab another brew after this


MIMR Band Chat Presents Hey Bulldog

MIMR introduces Hey Bulldog, the Manchester trio who’s bluesy-psychedelic sound and stunning live shows have attracted many followers. I spoke to the lead man Rob from the band, here’s what he had to tell us

MIMR: How did the name Hey Bulldog come about?

Rob: It always been a song I liked and it has all my favourite elements of what a great song should be, a great riff, a great chord progression, and some cool lyrics. Up until the last couple of years with the reissues and yellow submarine becoming more well know as an album it was also a song that only real hardcore Beatles fans would know as it doesn’t appear on any of their main albums.

So when I was reading a book by Geoff Emerick who was the recording engineer for everything the beatles did from revolver onwards and in it he mentioned how Hey Bulldog was the last real time that it was just the four beatles alone in a room recording a song together before they went to India and then after that the beatles tended to work on things more independently, so it seem like a significant moment in their career and it just seemed like an appropriate meaning to have as a band name.
It gives us a benchmark to aim for and also mean we can’t do any cheesey Beatles covers too!
MIMR: Psychedelic and blues music seemed to have influenced a lot of bands that are around at the moment. What element of these genres are most appealing?

Rob: Personally I think both fundamental elements of those genres are based upon expressing a want for love and freedom. The rootsy heartfelt sound of the blues combined with an other worldly headspace of Pyschedelic sounds has always been a great combination for guitar music.

MIMR: What’s new with the band and what are your plans going forward?

Rob: We released our latest single ‘Makin Friends Not Millionaires’ at the start of the year which has had a really good response on BBC 6 music and XFM and since then we’ve taken some time to just concentrate on new songs before gigging again this spring.
We’ve got enough new songs to do an album now so that’s a possibility or we might just whittle the songs down to an EP or double sided single.
At the moment we’re just looking forward to playing the new songs live.
We’ll have some good gigs and support slots lined up for the summer soon.


MIMRYou’ve received a lot of praise from radio stations and other press outlets. Being in a band is there a better feeling than gaining applause from the music media?

Rob: The praise we have had has been really nice we don’t have any Mangement or a label to help us out, when we release something we do everything ourselves so if we do get radio play or a review we know it’s because the person has listened to our music and just judged it on the quality of the song without a radio plugger or Pr/Mangement pushing it to them. So to be supported by the the likes of John Kennedy on Xfm and Steve Lamacq on 6 music is a great feeling as those two guys are at the top of their profession and the most respected when it comes to new music.

As a band you just want to be accepted and respected alongside other musicians you like, we’ve been lucky enough to have that happen live with some of the support slots we’ve had and also the radio play too.

MIMR:  Can you tell MIMR about any memorable gigs you’ve played?

Rob: Playing with Joel Gion and some of the guys from Brian Jonestown Massacre at the Deaf Institute in September was definitely a highlight for us. Sometimes if you are supporting an international artist   You won’t even see them apart from when they are on stage but Joel and his band watched our whole set and hung out with us allnight. So that was a great night. We played a gig at St clements church in chorlton last year which was also a big highlight. It was our first time playing a venue like that so we weren’t sure what to expect but it was a great experience playing with an amazing stained glass window backdrop and the incredible natural massive sounding acoustics of the church.

The smaller gigs are cool too you can’t beat a packed out small sweaty bar on a Friday night like at the Jamcafe in Nottingham.

MIMR: What’s your favourite venue in Manchester to play?

Rob: A couple of our favourite smaller venues we’ve played at would have to be The Deaf Institute and The Castle both venues have a really cool stage setting and vibe and good beers too!


MIMRIt’s been a pleasure to finally have you on the blog. Is there any words of wisdom you can give?

Rob: Just do your own thing as well as you can….

Thanks to Rob for talking to MIMR, more gigs are on their way and MIMR will be the place to be once they are announced

Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/heybulldogmusic?refsrc=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.facebook.com%2Fheybulldogmusic

Band Websitehttp://www.hey-bulldog.com

MIMR Band Chat presents Bad Grammar

It’s fantastic to have had the chance to speak to Lucy and Ben again on MIMR. This week is the countdown to their big single launch gig at The Castle, which I’ve been looking forward to for some time now

This interview will give you all you need to know about the new single and the Castle gig which I strongly recommend

MIMR: Hey, a great pleasure to have you as MIMR featured band for this month. It has already been a busy and exciting start to 2015 for the band. Are you happy with the initial reactions and comments that the new single have received and have you noticed a difference this time round when you compare it to the Forced Fun EP?


BG: Thanks for having us! Absolutely, it had been a little while since we finished the recording of the tracks, so it felt great to finally unleash them and get such a great response! We’ve been lucky to work with Flatpack Records again for this release, who’ve been amazing & have done an excellent job in pushing the release in the right direction and through the right channels which helped massively. The tracks are probably the most “in-your-face” tunes we’ve done and a lot of the comments have been focussed on boldness in sound, so we’re dead pleased people have picked up on that.


MIMR: Tell us about the video for ‘Clown’ where was it set and was it fun to make?

BG: It was shot it in two locations; a pub in Bolton called The Blue Boar and then we used the cool venue space at the top of The Kings Arms in Salford. It was a really fun day, it was pretty exhausting as we shot it all in one day but we roped some friends in to help out with shooting and act as extras, so things ran pretty smoothly! It’s based on the idea of reversing gender stereotypes, where men are perceived in the way women are perceived & vice versa. We wanted the video to ultimately be light-hearted but with undertones of social commentary on stereotypical perceptions of genders.


MIMR: This single launch night at The Castle later this month looks like it’s going to be very special. Do you guys get nervous before any gigs?


BG: We think so too, it’s been a long time in the making so there might be some nerves, just because we want it to be the best it can be. We have such a strong support line-up from our favourite old & new bands, so it’s just going to be a lovely time. In general though, I guess it depends on the show as to whether we get nervous or not, sometimes you don’t have the time to get nervous, you just get up and play. But it’s perfectly natural to have nerves, it’s part of playing a show!


MIMR: Are there any bands around at this moment that you reckon people should check out?

BG: Too many to list here, but there seems to be a few new bands crawling from out of the wood work in Manchester right now which is great to see, because it went quiet for a while. We’ve recently shared the stage with some really sweet local bands like Flesh and Sweet Deals on Surgery, who both have different sounds but create these super catchy pop tunes with big hooks. There’s a brand new band called False Advertising who we rehearse next door to, they’ve just debuted a track online and they’re ace, kinda grunge-infused pop with strong sense of melody. Think Doe/Speedy Ortiz vibes. Elsewhere, there’s some really good stuff from the midlands at the moment, bands like Youth Man, Hyena and Fauxchisels who are all making lots of great fuzzy noise. Our favourites from Birmingham are Elephantine who are opening up our show at The Castle next week which we’re dead excited about. They’re one of the most epic and captivating new bands we’ve seen in ages, so we’re really looking forward to showing them off up north. You’ll love ‘em. Trust me. 


MIMR: Good luck on the 27th March, it’s going to be totally awesome. I think The Castle will be a perfect setting too. Do you have any idea already about the set list and running order? If so will there be any surprises on the night?

BG: We have been working on a set list and we like to think we’ve got a little bit of everything in there. We’ll be debuting some brand new songs which we’re really happy with (possible new release, watch this space), and some older tracks too, one in which we’ve not played in a little while & we’ll probably forget how to play. You won’t mind, will you? There may be one or two little surprises thrown in, but you’ll have to come down to the show to find out #hardsell


Soundcloud: https://m.soundcloud.com/badgrammar


Buy tickets here for their Single launch gig, limited tickets available: http://www.wegottickets.com/event/308117

MIMR Band Chat: Claw The Thin Ice

With a great influx of Manchester bands making a big impression on MIMR in recent months, it’s very hard to keep up with the outstanding music that is being produced in this very city at the moment. Many of these bands have already been featured with many more to follow on the blog very soon. 

Today’s MIMR Band Chat introduces you to Manchester Indie-Rock hotshots ‘Claw The Thin Ice‘ and MIMR was lucky to get a few words with Ian (vocals/guitar) from the band. The interview includes the makings of their new album ‘Exercise’ as well as the love for Vinyls and the band Keane

MIMRWelcome to MIMR, firstly I’d like to ask who are Claw The Thin Ice and was it apparent early on what musical direction you would take?

Ian: Thanks man, it’s nice to be here. Claw The Thin Ice are myself (Ian) on guitars and vocals, Jake on guitars and vocals, Toby on bass guitar and Danny on drums. Jake has been with us for about a year, he replaced our former guitarist John while we were recording the new album. Things originated as a solo thing for me, just doing kind of droney, occasionally incomprehensible music. I started to write some songs that were way more rock-band focussed, so I asked my friends to jam with me on the songs I had and the band was “officially” formed. We recorded our debut LP, called “Pony Walker”, a couple of months later and have just been on a roll since.

MIMR:  Tell MIMR about the album, what were the stages of production and were they’re any problems that occurred in its creation?

Ian: Well, we began writing it whilst “Pony Walker” was being recorded. It takes us ages to record, we do it in stages over months and months, basically due to day jobs and family commitments. 
A few months before we began recording, John found out he was going to be a father, so rather than that really being a problem it just gave us more drive to work on it. His son was born the morning after he’d finished his guitars, so we recruited Jake straight away.

The album is about the end of a failing relationship, the initial giddiness of a blossoming new relationship, the conversations you have together when it’s the middle of the night, weird dreams, addiction, night terrors and the niggling self-doubt when your anxiety sets off a panic inside you about the situations you find yourself in. 

As far as the stages of production, we recorded the drums and bass very quickly at Islington Mill in Salford and at our friend Jamie’s house first (Jamie recorded the album btw), then the guitars and vocals over the space of a couple of months at a place called Adelphi Studios in Salford which was really cool. All the mixing and mastering took place last summer and a whole lot of waiting around happened after that.

MIMR: Now the album is called ‘Exercise’ do any of the band have fitness regimes of any kind?

Ian: Haha! You know what? I think all of us tried to get into good regimes to try and improve our healthiness, but in all honesty I think we’ve all just given up. Gyms terrify me, the thought of people seeing me run or exercise in public breaks me out in a cold sweat and I get too distracted at home by my cat, so most of my time at home is spent to talking to a creature that doesn’t understand me. 

In terms of the album title though, Exercise can be seen as more like exercises in education. The last record was so negative and very personal, it was very focussed on death, heartbreak and self-assassination. This record is like, if you went through the same shitty situations again, what would you do differently from the lessons you learned last time? It’s like putting your previous experience and the things you’ve learned into practice and trying to change for the better.

MIMR: What’s your favourite place to gig or to go to see another band?

Ian: I used to totally love house shows, so I would always go for a good house show or a party. Even if the sound sucks but the vibe is good, that’s my fave. Venue-wise, I adore the Brudenell Social Club in Leeds and JT Soar in Nottingham. Both absolutely wonderful places run by excellent people. At home in Manchester, we’re big fans of Fuel, which is a vegetarian cafe in Withington. It has amazing food and a great venue space upstairs. It’s been a local hangout for the best part of a decade, it’s absolutely fantastic. 

MIMR:  MIMR is a big lover of vinyl records and its huge resurgence in recent years. What music format do you prefer?

Ian: Oh vinyl always. I personally tend to stick to vinyl and downloads. I have no problem with downloading, I have the policy of if you really like something then you buy it, but to just buy multiple records off the bat without hearing it first can be terribly costly in the long run. I used to buy tonnes of stuff on cd when I was younger, either through recommendations or just curiosity, and sometimes coming away liking maybe one or two songs on an album and not digging the rest. So I love downloading stuff, fully understanding an album, then getting the LP if I can. There are always exceptions to the rule though. Me and my housemate are terrible vinyl hoarders – it takes up a lot of space in our place!

MIMR: When and where can we see you play in the near future?

Ian: We don’t gig like crazy and touring is difficult because of our jobs and family life, but we have some stuff coming up to promote the record. Our album launch is on March 27 at The Star & Garter in Manchester at a club night called Party Hard and then we play London on Record Store Day (April 18th) as part of an all-dayer that our label Barely Regal are hosting at Birthdays in Dalston. We’re playing with our label mates Cousin, a fantastic instrumental band from Brighton, and a host of others. Oh and it’s a free show! Cousin are just next level brilliance. 

MIMR: Thanks CTTI for giving up your time to chat to us. Do any of your have any guilty pleasures of any kind you can tell MIMR?

Ian: It’s been a pleasure! Thank you for your support, we appreciate it massively. So, guilty pleasures… I think that most things that people laugh at and consider shitty and embarrassing is stuff that we collectively love without any hint of irony and take as a strong influence – especially people like Phil Collins and some 70s Classic Rock and Prog rock. I’m usually like “you shouldn’t be ashamed of anything you like”… But I have a soft spot for Keane even though I know they’re a bit shit. So yeah, they’re my personal guilty pleasure! 

Thanks again to Ian from CTTI for taking the time to MIMR, a band that will feature at length again on the blog in the future for sure. If you’ve got any sense buy their new album will you

Here as always are the essential links:

Bandcamp: (Where you can buy their new album) https://clawthethinice.bandcamp.com/album/exercise