MIMR Playlist 19th Feb

Telegram ‘Inside Outside’

The new single from Glam rockers and MIMR favourites ‘Telegram’ is released on 9th March. It’s further indication of a band with a great knack of making cool music in the purest form. This being part of record label compilation (Speedy Wunderground) still leaves us begging for a full length release from these guys. The track expresses the mix between the classic Psych/Rock signature that make Telegram who they are along with a softer more measured approach. They remain a band that MIMR will be keeping a very close eye on


Everything Everything ‘Distant past’

Manchester’s ‘Everything Everything’ announce the news that will bring joy to many people who appreciate their masterful electronic/indie rock that they have displayed on their previous two records. Their 3rd Album ‘Get To Heaven’ is released 13th June and this track shows the next stage in their journey as a band, funky beats throughout mixed with rich and varied vocal display. ‘Everything Everything ‘ have everything and much more believe you me!


Blur ‘Go Out’

Now this is the moment that is 12 years in the waiting (16 years if you include Mr Coxon) but finally the wait is over, Blur have a new album coming out (April 27) titled ‘The Magic Whip’ and MIMR has immense joy that this has happened. ‘Go Out’ will be a winner with Blur’s dedicated fan base as well as reaching out to new fans in abundance I’m sure. It’s instantly identifiable as a Blur track, it’s a perfect mix of excellent guitar solos and a sing a long chorus which Damon Albarn is a genius at achieving. It’s what every fan wanted and MIMR knows that this new material potentially could be the best in their, already, illustrious career


The Sherlocks ‘Escapade’

We head to Sheffield where we find The Sherlocks, a four piece who consist of two sets of brothers and being touted by many as the next big Indie band to knock on the door of the big time. With previous single ‘Live For The Moment’ breaching the top 100 chart, they seems to be on track and new Single ‘Escapade’ only enhances their ever-growing reputation. It’s a dance floor filler of the highest standard and a foot stomper if ever I heard one. It’s indie at its best and MIMR likes it. Everyone move out of the way ‘The Sherlocks’ are coming through!


Surfer Blood ‘Dorian’

Surfer Blood return with this recent released track taken from their upcoming 3rd studio album ‘1000 Palms’ which will hit your record stores on May 12. This Florida Alt-rock group have already excelled at giving us some fantastic melodic songs and their new material fits perfectly into their already impressive back catalogue. Surf-rock and pop rolled into one, which will ensure that they’re be many more smiles on faces come May time


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