MIMR Band Chat Presents: Antelopes

Another top band from the vibrant Manchester music scene are a DIY 3 piece ‘Antelopes. MIMR has followed them for a while, catching a gig of there’s at the Kraak Gallery, Manchester a few months ago (a video from this gig can be found on MIMR YouTube channel)

I was very lucky to catch a few words with Rob (Bassist/Vocals) and in this interview he discusses how Antelopes came to be, having a laugh and their brand new single

MIMR: Hey guys, What are the origins of the band and was it decided from early on what direction the music would go into?

Rob: We got together around 3 years ago now, Me and sim had been playing in various different bands together for years but at some point we both started doing our own thing in tandem. After around 6 months sim was getting quite a bit if attention so I decided to join Antelopes with him. We then knew Bob through going out and about in Warrington; we knew he was a good drummer due to previous bands he was in. We have also had 3 other guitarist playing but around a year and half ago we went to playing as a 3 piece and things started to kick on a bit for us.

MIMR: MIMR can’t stop listening to the collection of songs on your soundcloud from the last EP, is their a song that has received the most postive reaction when played at live shows?

Rob: At live shows we’ve had a number of songs over the years which have got one or two people interested live. I think the more heavier and enjoyable the song is to play for us the people watching us seem to get into it more.

MIMR: So you have new single out this month, what was the process in its production and how can people get their hands on it?

Rob: Yes we do indeed, our Single ‘it’s you’ comes out through Blak hands records on Monday 16th of February on special hot pink Tape. Without those guys this really wouldn’t have happened so we thank them loads for all the hard work they have put in. With regards to the recording we do it all at our practise room in Warrington. We’ve been into studios but we find that we are a control freaks when it comes to our tracks so we do everything DIY!


MIMR: If you could be in another band past or present which one would it be and why?

Rob: That’s a pretty hard question as there are so many rad bands which we have all taken influence from over the years so I think I’m gonna have to be impartial and say I wouldn’t want to be in any other group as they’re all set in history.

MIMR: What influences do Antelopes have in their musical style?

Rob: As I just stated there’s been plenty of bands over the years which have influenced our sound. All 3 of us have varying tastes really and it shows as we have over time had our own dj nights. Sim very much the man who listens to the alternative 90s stuff at the moment, I’m always into my disco and bobs a man for Soul and Motown. It shows really in his rhythms as he drives us along with Motown rhythms. But the one band I’d say which will always have a place in mine and sims hearts are The Cribs. We try to get a piece of their pop fun sensibility and energy into our music.

MIMR: Any funny stories you can tell MIMR about any gigs you’ve played in the past?

Rob: Their aren’t really any stories with regards to any gigs we do as we generally just have a laugh all of the time!


MIMR: What’s your favourite venue you’ve played?

Rob: We played a great gig in Leeds recently at Carpe Diem and we love the intimacy of the Castle but I think Gullivers in Manchester is our favourite venue as it’s a good size room, good sound and we love going in that bar anyway.

MIMR: Cheers guys, it’s a pleasure to have you as MIMR featured band for this month, just to finish off what’s your favourite drink at the bar after a gig?

Rob: You’re probably talking to the wrong person as I drive everyone around but we don’t drink madly before our shows or after as usually we stick around to see the bands and then have to get our stuff back to our room and get home!

Thanks to Rob from Antelopes for talking to MIMR, a great band who will feature on the blog throughout this month and beyond

Here are them essential links to check out:

To listen to and buy the new single: https://blakhandrecords.bandcamp.com/album/its-you

Twitter: https://mobile.twitter.com/ntelopes

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