MIMR Playlist 12th Feb

1. Episodes ‘Nightlife’

A welcome return this week to the playlist are Brighton Indie outfit Episodes with recently released single (Feb 9th) ‘Nightlife’. It’s a impressive step forward for a band that in MIMR eyes has a great future ahead. It’s the vocals that again take centre stage here on this track along with a strong confident production value which points towards things getting better and better for these guys. Look out for a MIMR Band Chat with Episodes coming very soon


2. Joanna Gruesome ‘Last Year’

Cardiff’s very own punk rockers Joanna Gruesome reveal the 1st track to come from their next record ‘Peanut Butter’ which will come to existence on May 11 and MIMR is very happy about this. This is the follow up to the 2013 excellent ‘Weird Sister’ and shows them on top form, a mix of fast paced and energised sound with fantastic vocal variation between powerful and softer tones. If this is the sign of things to come then these guys have one hell of record on their hands!


3. Demob Happy ‘Young and Numb’

Another great band in the making to come from Brighton are here and they are Demob Happy. They also have featured on playlist before and with great songs like this, it would be silly to ignore their excellence. This track is full of grunge/Rock vibes to put you right back into nirvana-esque mode and make you beg for more. Frantic vocals and raw and superlative riffs make for a winning formula, these guys are to be closely watched, Don’t take your eyes off them for a second!


4. Pale Waves ‘The Tide’

Out this week (Feb 11) Indie poppers Pale Waves hit the spot with new single ‘The Tide’. it’s another great example of fantastic and emotionally charged female vocals with a bouncy and superb rhythm that instantly makes you fall in love with their music. MIMR sees this Manchester band only continuing in their successful quest for big things in the not so distant future!

5. Love Buzzard ‘Hands Aren’t Tied’

MIMR favourite crazy rockers ‘Love Buzzard are back on the playlist with a new video they’ve released for track ‘Hands Aren’t Tired’ taken from their current superb EP. This shows off their skills of making a proper rock n roll tune and crammed into little over 2 minutes, they display all attributes of a band that should be in everyone’s life. MIMR can proudly say they are good friends, please don’t be daft and buy their EP will you!


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