MIMR Playlist Extra: 9th Feb

As there appears to be so much good music out at the moment I’ve decided to do a extra MIMR Playlist. This may well happen again in the future but for now here’s 5 more tracks for you to check out, enjoy!

1. H Hawkline ‘Spooky Dog’

Self described ‘Strange Pop’ singer, songwriter H Hawkline brings us a track from his newest record ‘In The Pink of Condition’ released last week (Feb 2nd) and it’s his 1st proper album for heavenly recordings and it’s a belter! Unique in so many interesting ways, this song as well as many of the others on the record gives you a broad overview of the vast influences and musical styles he’s created. A absolute delight!


2. Hooton Tennis Club ‘Jaspar’

On the same label as the 1st act on today’s Playlist are one of the hottest bands to come out of liverpool at the moment ‘Hooton Tennis Club’. The indie pop quartet have made great waves in recent months and have their new single ‘Jaspar’ set for release on the 23rd of this month. It’s fab track, full of suplime melodies and toe-tapping, head nodding moments galore. Produced by Bill Ryder-Jones (The Coral) it’s a cert that their following will just increase ten fold in coming months, their music serve up many aces!


3. Happyness ‘A Whole New Shape’

MIMR favourites Happyness return with their 1st release since joining ‘Moshi Moshi records’ and it will be part of a re-packaged release of last year’s excellent debut record ‘Weird Little Birthday’. This record, which featured high on many end of year lists (including top 10 on MIMR final list) is certainly worth re-visiting and this track embraces the sharp, higher tempo side to the band that MIMR loves


4. Kid wave ‘Wonderlust’

Set for release on 30th March, this indie-rock foursome from London are setting the bar high with their 3rd single titled ‘Wonderlust’. It’s a magical journey which is brought to life by the cracking, haunting vocals and relives that 90s feel we all enjoyed. It’s shoegaze but on a different level, it’s all very good and a delight to listen to


5. Courtney Barnett ‘Pedestrian At Best’

Aussie singer Courtney Barnett has all ready achieved a lot of positive plaudits over recent times and her brilliance is confirmed here, a 1st cut from her full debut record ‘Sometimes I sit and Think, and sometimes I just sit’. ‘Pedestrians At Best’ is full of personality and with a real powerful edge to it, which bodes well for the undoubted pleasure that many people will experience and the further thumbs up Courtney’s Music will receive in the near future


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