MIMR Playlist 5th Feb

Antelopes ‘It’s You’

MIMR featured band for February ‘Antelopes’ kick off this months playlist and it’s great way to start off proceedings. Released 16th February on limited edition cassette (Yes people still play them you know) ‘It’s You’ is the lead single and shows off all that MIMR love about their sound. With Liverpudlian independent label ‘Blak Hands records’ on board it’s true to say that the Manchester trio are certainly heading in the right direction. This track glides along with effervescent simplicity and feel good, pop vibes, another superb effort. Check out the blog for more from these guys throughout this month!


Dirty Sterling ‘Get Into Trouble’

This indie band from Scunthorpe are certainly a force to be reckoned with, a proper guitar band with no holding back on attitude and good old rock n roll smack in the mouth. This cut taken from their debut record ‘Call It What You Like’ released 23rd Jan is a great example of this and with a sold out show in Manchester on the horizon, the sky is the limit for these chaps!


Ex Hex ‘Waterfall’

All female U.S Punk-Rock band ‘Ex Hex’ released their debut record ‘Rips’ in October of last year to rave reviews. This song like many others on the record prove that they are queens of no nonsense pop songs but with a edgy and very powerful impact. Heading a lot of cool female guitar bands around at the moment, further success is a cert, think girl power but with more spunk!


The Maydays ‘Keep Surprising Me’

This week we had a glimpse of what to expect on The Maydays new EP ‘Susan’ released 21st Feb and what a treat it was. ‘Keep Surprising Me’ shows a band full of confidence and determination to continue the encouraging strides they’ve made in recent times. The five piece from Wrexham were once described as a stressed out Housemartins meets Babyshambles vibe but it’s The Beatles/60s influenced sound that realy strikes a chord on this track. Their EP is already looking pretty dam sweet, save MIMR a cop will you!


Crushed Beaks ‘Overgrown’

The 2nd single from London group ‘Crushed Beaks’ debut album ‘Scatter’ released next week (Feb 9th) illustrates their status as a proper indie band who oozes style and panache. This track in particular is full of guitar hooks and suplime melodies. With increased interest from all around Crushed Beaks have it set up to be a very special band. Check this track out on my sound of 2015 playlist which you can find on my Twitter page: twitter.com/MIMR02


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