MIMR LIVE: Menace Beach/Horsebeach/The Hipshakes

MIMR was very excited this Monday just gone (26th Jan) at the prospect of seeing MIMR featured band for January ‘Horsebeach’ for the 1st time. If you follow the blog you will know that I’ve been following them very closely and was lucky to get a interview with Ryan from the band a few weeks ago. What occurred on Monday evening was a fantastic nights entertainment by a impressive threesome of acts

First up on The Castle stage were local party punk group The Hipshakes. They’re set comprised of unlimited energy and ever changing vocal displays which made for a thrill a second ride into their frantic music. They have already released a fair few records/EPs in their time as a band and let’s hope that this continues, MIMR certainly will keep them under my radar!

Next up was the much anticipated performance of MIMR faves Horsebeach. There was an air of excitement in the packed room before they started, a sense of something special happening. They began with the mesmerising ‘Faded Eyes’ it’s jangly, guitar pop sound brought to live on the live stage with minimal effort. Their debut album released last year was a summer favourite of many and plays of ‘A Place Like This’ and ‘What Problem’ in their set brought us right back to that summery mood (even if in truth a Manchester summer is mainly wet)


It was the first listens of the up and coming new material which caught MIMR attention and may I say a big thumbs up too. ‘Disappear’ the next single (March 9th) is a great track (it appear on the latest MIMR Playlist) and it fits in with their previous works whilst confirming their vision of ever-changing their sound and exploring different avenues of their creativity as a band. The set ended too soon with another glimpse of a possible future album track ‘Andy’ which emphasised their growing confidence as a group, leaving many of the crowd which witnessed them tonight wanting more


Now for the main act Menace Beach, buoyed by the mainly positive reviews of recently released record ‘Ratworld’ they powered through their set with great intensity and verve right from the word go. Hailing from leeds, they’re influenced 90s Alt-rock style outshines many of their fellow peers on the current scene and such songs played ‘Lowtalkin’ and ‘Come On Give up’ underline they’re largely exhilarating sound that they convey to a bustling crowd at The Castle. For a band who I had only listened to a few songs prior to the gig, they impressed me with the impact they made on stage and further listens to the record would certainly make me want to see them again, perhaps in a bigger venue tho

To sum up, it was a great night of music from 3 great bands who’s following will only increase in the near future. MIMR’s ticket money was mainly spent to see the magical Horsebeach so to get 2 more great sets on top of that was a bonus. Check all 3 bands out and buy their records please!

Here are the essential links:

The Hipshakes: https://mobile.twitter.com/thehipshakes

Horsebeach: https://horsebeach.bandcamp.com (where you can pre-order their new single ‘Disappear’)

Menace Beach: http://www.menacebeach.co.uk

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