MIMR Playlist Jan 29th

1. Horsebeach ‘Disappear’

The new single from MIMR feature band for January ‘Horsebeach’ is a delight and I heard it for the 1st time at The Castle gig (last Monday 26th) and I was instantly impressed. Due for release on March 9th, Ryan Kennedy and the guys are going about building on the success of last year’s fantastic record in the perfect way. Smooth vocals and a enchanting sound throughout shows that Horsebeach are challenging themselves to grow and mature as a band and ain’t afraid to venture into different musical styles and techniques. MIMR has a exclusive live video of ‘Disappear’ taken from The Castle gig and you can see it very soon on the blog!


2. The Charlatans ‘In The Tall Grass’

Their 12th studio album is here and still going strong, certainly a group to look up to by many of the upcoming indie bands around at the moment. ‘In The Tall grass’ taken from the bands recently released ‘Modern Nature’ record shows off the undoubted swagger and confidence of a band who are just as important in the UK music scene now as they were in height of the bands popularity in the 90s. Check out a live show this year and you will find out why their following is still so big after 25 years in the business, class!


3. Blossoms ‘Cut Me and I’ll Bleed’

Blossoms are making great strides in the popularity stakes off the back of single ‘Blow’ released last year causing exploding hype and very positive reviews indeed. The Stockport band, who also featured on MIMR RADAR last year, second single is out 2nd March, produced by James Skelly (The Coral) and is indie-pop at its best, which certainly confirms what a lot of people already know – these chaps are going places and fast!


4. Man Made ‘Carsick Cars’

Due for release on March 9th MIMR favourites Man Made next offering shows off a bold and full of attitude mentality and with each song they release they’re appeal is growing and growing. Carsick Cars is a live favourite of MIMR and will soon become yours too. The momentum of the band is constantly building so make sure you check them out at a venue near you soon before you have to fight to see them at the bigger places soon enough


5. Mono Sideboards ‘For Laura, For The Morning’

This Liverpool band have earned their place on this week’s playlist with this excellent track, which creates a special atmospheric vibe throughout, with use of haunting vocals and pleasing on the ears guitars, this is all despite MIMR not knowing much about the band. We hold our breath to see what the future brings for these guys, I reckon it might be pretty dam sweet

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