MIMR Playlist Jan 22nd

1. Seazoo ‘Panda Pains’

I had the pleasure of seeing this week’s 1st band on MIMR playlist over the xmas period and I was instantly hooked. Their new single released this week (Jan 19th) is a huge slice of pop-rock fun with plenty of feel good vibes. Increased air-play of this track and exposure of this Wrexham band bodes well for their future, catching these guys at a venue very soon is a must!


2. Bad Grammar ‘Clown’

One of MIMR favourite rock duo’s return to MIMR Playlist with their new single ‘Clown’ being the follow up to the superb ‘Forced Fun’ EP from last year. This track is 2 and a half minutes of pulsating riffs and knock your socks off beats and vocals which will leave Manchester and the surrounding areas shaking in their trendy boots. Never has MIMR listened to one song on repeat as much as this one, get on it!!!!


3. The Vaccines ‘Handsome’

A welcome return of one of the best british indie bands of recent years is finally here. The Vaccines came on to the scene with their debut ‘Coming of Age’ album which fast-forwarded them towards the top of the tree. After a quiet spell, ‘Handsome’ doesn’t spark a great departure from previous works but it’s a catchy, lyrical brillant track all the same. They are certainly here to run the rule once again, catch them on tour and expect a new record this year, great!!


4. Affairs ‘Blood Science’

Released 8th February, Manchester Alt/Electro band Affairs has been one of MIMR best discovered bands since the turn of the year. ‘Blood Science’ is a track oozing with 80s pop synths and clear cutting vocals. A overall accomplished sound prevails and expect to hear a lot more from these guys


5. The Wombats ‘Greek Tragedy’

We all remember their debut record with songs about Bridget Jones and dancing to joy division but it’s hard to believe that The Wombats haven’t released a record since 2011. This fact make their return up there as the most anticipated of this year. ‘Greek Tragedy’ will appear on their forthcoming album ‘Glitterbug’ out April 6 and is produced by Mark Crew (Bastille) and shows a darker approach from the Liverpudlian trio when compared to their previous more upbeat releases. MIMR looks forward to what the new record has to offer


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