MIMR Band Chat Presents: Horsebeach

A special edition of MIMR Band Chat featuring MIMR featured band for January ‘Horsebeach’ is finally here. The band have gathered many admirers after they released their debut record last year, it reached No.3 in Piccadilly Records, Manchester famous end of year list and was No.9 in MIMR top 50 albums of 2014 as well

MIMR thinks they are up there as the best thing to come from Manchester in a long while and expect their following to grow in 2015. I was very lucky to grab a few words with the band, they discuss their fantastic 2014, their numerous influences and the bands pre-gig routines

MIMR: Looking back on 2014 guys what would be your highlights of last year?

Horsebeach: 2014 was an awesome year, some favourite bits include us going over to Barcelona to play Primavera Club, that was amazing. Also getting the debut out and having all the unexpected attention around it was great. We released it fairly quietly so it’s nice that word seems to have spread around so well.


MIMR: Take us through the making of the debut record and are you overwhelmed by the reception it has received?

Horsebeach: We decided after releasing our second single ‘Faded Eyes’ that we would get an LP out that year, I had already demoed over half the songs by that point so I just had to come up with a few more and record them properly. I really wanted to get everything down on tape, so I got myself a reel to reel and set about fiddling with it in my studio at home until everything sounded right. I just took a few weeks off work, locked myself in my flat and just focused on the album. I’m really happy with the reception it’s had so far, we only pressed 300 at first and we’ve had to get it repressed twice now it’s crazy!


MIMR: Was it quite clear from the early days of the band of what musical direction you were going into and what are your influences

Horsebeach: When we first started I think we were aiming more for a fuzzy surfy kind of sound but after getting a few songs written and learning more about my writing process I just started to feel what I actually wanted to write and ended up where we are now. A lot of contemporary things like Real Estate, Ducktails & Wild Nothing kicked me off wanting to write songs at first, but i’ve always found inspiration in things like Tim Hardin, Fred Neil, The Clean, Stuff on Underwater Peoples, Captured Tracks etc.

MIMR: What are your views on the Manchester music scene at the moment and what bands do you think MIMR followers should listen to?

Horsebeach: The music scene here at the moment is great, there are so many little venues like soup kitchen, kraak, the castle, the kings arms etc. providing outputs for all these new artists turning up. Also the city is pretty small so there’s a lot of crossover with artists helping each other out and interacting.

MIMR: What Manchester venue is your best to gig at?

Horsebeach: I think we all particularly enjoy Soup Kitchen out of the places we’ve played, It’s got a nice feel and it’s real intimate. Also an old edwardian swimming pool we played in for IMBC, that was surreal.


MIMR: What will 2015 bring for Horsebeach?

Horsebeach: We’ve got a lot more in store gigwise this year, we’re planning a few dates in Europe & playing Midi Festival in Toulon. There will be another album later this year & we’ve got a new 7″ coming out soon in March.

MIMR: Do any of the band have any superstitions before gigs?

Horsebeach: Me and Matt both swear by a little whiskey before we go on. Our bassist Tom’s superstitions include hair straightening, black coffee & long walks


MIMR: Thanks for talking to MIMR and it’s been fantastic having you as my featured band for this month

Horsebeach: Thanks, It’s been fun!

Couldn’t of picked a better band to start 2015 and been a pleasure featuring them on the blog this month. It ain’t over yet tho, they will be playing The Castle, Manchester on 26th of the month supporting the excellent ‘Menace Beach’ and yes MIMR will be there, bringing you all the coverage of the nights events, great!!

Here as always are the essential links:

Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/horsebeachband?refsrc=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.facebook.com%2Fhorsebeachband

Twitter: https://mobile.twitter.com/horsebeachband

Bandcamp: (where you can purchase their brilliant album) https://horsebeach.bandcamp.com

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