MIMR Band Chat Presents: Mowbird

Mowbird are Ben Sawin (vocals,guitar) Mike Smith (bass) Suzanne Dempsey (organ/vocals) and Ben Trow (drums/vocals)

I spoke to Ben from the band, he shared with us the makings of ‘Islander, return to gigging in 2015 and the bands to follow in and around Wrexham

MIMR: So first up, who are Mowbird and if you had to pitch the band in a sort of Dragon’s Den scenario how you best describe the band?

Ben: We are a four-piece from Wrexham and I would describe us as seasoned interdimensional warriors with a predilection for creation and destruction. I’d love to describe that, straight-faced, armed with a PowerPoint, to Bannatyne and see how furious his scowl becomes.

MIMR: The ‘Islander’ record is a right gem with superb production quality throughout. How did it come together and was their anything different you did compared to previous recordings?

Ben: Thanks! We recorded Islander ourselves underground, in a concrete practise room (in just over 12 hours) under the roads in Liverpool. Islander was our third attempt at recording an album, so we were pretty pleased with just getting it completed and then with how organic and honest it sounded. We’ve steadily progressed from recording with Guitar Hero USB microphones into Garageband to using four-track cassettes and then to Logic/Pro Tools. We’re always looking to learn more and more about capturing sounds so that we have a really deep understanding of what we’re actually doing, rather than just handing everything over to someone behind a big desk


MIMR: MIMR favourite track of the record is ‘Happy Active Horse Organ’ is there any songs that you know get the best response from the crowd at your gigs?

Ben: Not really, unfortunately we’re usually concentrating super hard on playing the songs right to pick up on anything like that! It’s always fun when an audience responds to your performance, but it’s important that we play for each other on stage first and foremost in order for anything to translate positively and enjoyably for an audience.

MIMR: Looking at your Twitter page there appears to be some exciting times for the band, can you tell MIMR what your plans are for 2015?

Ben: We are planning on having a total blast in 2015. We’re recording our second album later this month (January/February) with JT from Islet, who produced our single with Sweet Baboo – we’re very fortunate to have received a grant from the Launchpad Fund which is part of the Horizons Project, a partnership between BBC & Arts Council of Wales, to produce the second album. We’re really great at looking after our artists and creators here in Wales.

We’ll be returning to live performances with some really righteous shows after taking the majority of last year off due to illness and surgery – 2015 is also our fifth year of existence, so no doubt there will be a big party somewhere.

MIMR: Having very close ties in Wrexham I’ve always thought there’s been a music scene to be proud of from such a small town. Do u agree and if so what bands from Wrexham do you follow?

Ben: After a little lull, Wrexham’s music scene is kicking on again and it’s really great to see bands just getting stuff done – whether it’s DIY or punk or whatever, it doesn’t really matter.

Bands-wise, *deep breath* we like:

Seazoo (which has Ben Trow & Mike Smith from Mowbird in!), Lovers Open Fire, Baby Brave (which has our old drummer Mike Jones in!), The Roseville Band are doing phenomenal things over in America & Canada, Falls (although they’re from Flintshire really), A Winning Pair, Doppleganger, Baron La Croix and Orient Machine.


MIMR: What’s your favourite venue you’ve played?

Ben: We’ve got a couple – The Gold Rooms in Glasgow and Tangled Parrot in Carmarthen.

Thanks to Ben for speaking to MIMR, look out for MIMR coverage of Focus Wales, Mowbird will surely be ones to watch. Here are all the essential links:


~UPCOMING SHOWS~2015~ 13th Feb : From Now On, Cardiff // 3rd April : Wales Goes Pop, Cardiff // 23rd April : Focus Wales, Wrexham

Lady Lion (feat. Sweet Baboo) out now via Bandcamp
Debut album Islander out now via Shape Records // Vinyl / iTunes

Bandcamp // Twitter // Tumblr

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