MIMR Playlist 8th January:

Yes!! It’s finally back after a 6 week break (Mainly due to MIMR top 50 albums list) MIMR Playlist is here, bringing you the best tracks every Thursday. Here’s the 1st selection of 2015, enjoy!!

1. Jaws – Be Slowly

Taken from their album released 14th September last year, it appeared that this band from Birmingham slipped away from MIMR radar first time round. Their jangly, infectious indie pop and their ‘The Cure’ like qualities make them one of the hottest tickets in town in 2015, check them out at a venue near you soon!

2. Gaz Coombes – 20/20

The second solo album by former Supergrass frontman Gaz Coombes will be called Matador and comes to us all on Jan 26. The follow up to 2012 critically acclaimed ‘Here comes the Fruit record’ The 2nd track taken from the new record shows that this could be his best work, a European tour accompanies the album throughout February

3. Jack Reid & The Black Whip – Congress Vampires

Pleased to see another Manchester act join the many previous bands to feature on the playlist. JRTBW are a psychedelic/ Krautrock band, that deliver a lot of punch on their Congress Vampires EP released November last year. Their hard work as paid off and the title track is a classic sing-a-long track, full of good vibes and atmospheric tones, good job!

4. Los Trasgos Muertos – Backdown

Manchester keeping churning out great new music and Los Trasgos Muertos are no exception. These Psych Rockers are full of rich melodies and a stylish output which makes for a winning formula. This track certainly gets stuck in your head…’you gotta backdown, backdown, backdown’…..

5. Sweet Deals On Surgery – Speed Date Yr Way To Fame

Noise pop at its very best by these guys from Manchester via Preston. Sweet deals have only been gigging since September but already have turned many heads, with their EP ‘Total reek Hole’ coming to our attention in December, packed full of intense and raw energy. MIMR anticipates getting to see them live very soon and with a full length album in the near future, 2015 looks like it will be sweet. Also watch out for MIMR Band Chat with the band on the blog this week!

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