MIMR Band Chat Presents: Bad Grammar

It’s 2015 on MIMR Band Chat and what better way to start it that with Manchester duo Bad Grammar. They have taken the Manchester scene by storm in 2014 and their EP ‘Forced Fun’ was a explosive record, which showcased their talents as a force to be reckoned with

I spoke to the band recently and they shared with MIMR the good words of the EP, their future plans and some maypole dancing

MIMR: Is there a specific genre of music you would attach yourself to?

BG: I’d say fundamentally we’re a rock band, but we take a lot of cues from a lot of different genres and artists. As individuals we have quite eclectic tastes so we always try and incorporate something different with each song we write. I guess we’ve just always tried to make a sound as loud and heavy as two people can! “Lucy’s in a heavy metal band called Bad Manners” – my Dad.


MIMR: Are you happy with the reception that the ‘Forced Fun’ EP has received?

BG: Absolutely. We’re still a very small band but the response we’ve had has been amazing & dead humbling. We’ve played a lot of festivals & out of town shows since the release which has helped a lot, as well as the support we’ve had from various blogs & radio. Our label, Flatpack, have been great to us. They’ve been so passionate about the release and have put a lot of time & effort into getting the reach we wanted. Having the video for Temper Temper on Vevo was a massive help to us also, we didn’t imagine we’d have over 25,000 views on that less than a year later.


MIMR: What’s your favourite place in Manchester to gig?

BG: The Castle Hotel! We’ve played there many times, including our first Manchester show & EP launch in March. Our next single launch will be there too, actually! Friday 27th March, save the date. I think it’s 70 capacity, but get 20 people in the room and it looks like a sell-out. There’s a real intimacy to it that we love. The sound is always spot on for us & has the absolute best team of sound engineers. It looks pretty too.

MIMR: With so many two-piece bands making it big in 2014: Royal Blood, Drenge, Slaves etc, what do you think make this dynamic so successful?

BG: Good question! I’ve got so much time for two pieces. It’s a generalisation, but I think the stage presence of duos is a lot more interesting to watch. I find it more personal & there’s always such a lot of energy. We like to think our sound is just as big as it would be if we were a 3 or 4 piece. Guitar pedals are magical, aren’t they? When we first started, Ben only used 1 pedal, but he’s slowly becoming a guitar geek slash fanboy; Dan from Cleft who recorded Forced Fun has given him a few pointers, Cleft are next-level good. We have so much love for those 3 you’ve listed & we’ve been fortunate to play with all of them. Although they’re duos, their setups are all different & it works brilliantly. Just the two of you makes travelling easier too, we tour in a Nissan Micra.


MIMR: What can we expect from Bad Grammar in 2015?

BG: We’re releasing a new single in the Spring with Flatpack! We’ve been holding back the tracks for ages so it’ll be a massive relief to finally get them out. At the moment, we’ve just planned for it to be digital only but who knows. We’ll continue to play as many shows & festivals as possible. At the moment we’re planning our first tour for March which is exciting. We’ve not played more than 2 consecutive dates so far so let’s see if we’re still friends by the end of a tour tour.

MIMR: Finally to finish the interview, do you have any special talents that people might not know about?

BG: Ben can maypole dance. Lucy can swim 200 metres.

Thanks again to Bad Grammar for taking the time to speak to MIMR, you be hearing a lot more from them on the blog in 2015, get down to a show if u can

Here are the essential links:

FB: https://m.facebook.com/badgrammaruk?refsrc=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.facebook.com%2Fbadgrammaruk

TWITTER: https://mobile.twitter.com/badgrammarband

SOUNDCLOUD: https://m.soundcloud.com/badgrammar

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