MIMR LIVE: Menace Beach/Horsebeach/The Hipshakes

MIMR was very excited this Monday just gone (26th Jan) at the prospect of seeing MIMR featured band for January ‘Horsebeach’ for the 1st time. If you follow the blog you will know that I’ve been following them very closely and was lucky to get a interview with Ryan from the band a few weeksContinue reading “MIMR LIVE: Menace Beach/Horsebeach/The Hipshakes”


This week MIMR RADAR introduces you to Demob Happy, a garage foursome from Brighton, who’s rock and roll style and outlandish stage performances has made them a exciting prospect for 2015. Debut single ‘Succubus’ stormed a wave of attention last year and MIMR fave track ‘Suffer You’ proving the high calibre of songs they haveContinue reading “MIMR RADAR 18th Jan”

MIMR Band Chat Presents: Horsebeach

A special edition of MIMR Band Chat featuring MIMR featured band for January ‘Horsebeach’ is finally here. The band have gathered many admirers after they released their debut record last year, it reached No.3 in Piccadilly Records, Manchester famous end of year list and was No.9 in MIMR top 50 albums of 2014 as wellContinue reading “MIMR Band Chat Presents: Horsebeach”

MIMR Playlist Jan 15th

Idlewild ‘Come on Ghost’ Scottish indie heroes Idlewild make a very welcome return with this fantastic track from their hugely anticipated new album ‘Everything Ever Written’ released Feb 9th. This being their 1st record since 2009 and is marked as a period of transition and a new start for a band who’s career has outlastedContinue reading “MIMR Playlist Jan 15th”