Black Honey

Hot on the scene are Brighton four piece Black Honey. They’re the next to grace MIMR RADAR in 2015 and you won’t be disappointed by what they bring to the table. Their Indie pop-rock sound owes a lot to use of shimmering guitar riffs and the sultry vocals which are evident on their debut ‘Demos’ EP released last year. One listen to this will ensure your instantly hooked and MIMR says thank goodness for Black honey


MIMR LIVE: Menace Beach/Horsebeach/The Hipshakes

MIMR was very excited this Monday just gone (26th Jan) at the prospect of seeing MIMR featured band for January ‘Horsebeach’ for the 1st time. If you follow the blog you will know that I’ve been following them very closely and was lucky to get a interview with Ryan from the band a few weeks ago. What occurred on Monday evening was a fantastic nights entertainment by a impressive threesome of acts

First up on The Castle stage were local party punk group The Hipshakes. They’re set comprised of unlimited energy and ever changing vocal displays which made for a thrill a second ride into their frantic music. They have already released a fair few records/EPs in their time as a band and let’s hope that this continues, MIMR certainly will keep them under my radar!

Next up was the much anticipated performance of MIMR faves Horsebeach. There was an air of excitement in the packed room before they started, a sense of something special happening. They began with the mesmerising ‘Faded Eyes’ it’s jangly, guitar pop sound brought to live on the live stage with minimal effort. Their debut album released last year was a summer favourite of many and plays of ‘A Place Like This’ and ‘What Problem’ in their set brought us right back to that summery mood (even if in truth a Manchester summer is mainly wet)


It was the first listens of the up and coming new material which caught MIMR attention and may I say a big thumbs up too. ‘Disappear’ the next single (March 9th) is a great track (it appear on the latest MIMR Playlist) and it fits in with their previous works whilst confirming their vision of ever-changing their sound and exploring different avenues of their creativity as a band. The set ended too soon with another glimpse of a possible future album track ‘Andy’ which emphasised their growing confidence as a group, leaving many of the crowd which witnessed them tonight wanting more


Now for the main act Menace Beach, buoyed by the mainly positive reviews of recently released record ‘Ratworld’ they powered through their set with great intensity and verve right from the word go. Hailing from leeds, they’re influenced 90s Alt-rock style outshines many of their fellow peers on the current scene and such songs played ‘Lowtalkin’ and ‘Come On Give up’ underline they’re largely exhilarating sound that they convey to a bustling crowd at The Castle. For a band who I had only listened to a few songs prior to the gig, they impressed me with the impact they made on stage and further listens to the record would certainly make me want to see them again, perhaps in a bigger venue tho

To sum up, it was a great night of music from 3 great bands who’s following will only increase in the near future. MIMR’s ticket money was mainly spent to see the magical Horsebeach so to get 2 more great sets on top of that was a bonus. Check all 3 bands out and buy their records please!

Here are the essential links:

The Hipshakes: https://mobile.twitter.com/thehipshakes

Horsebeach: https://horsebeach.bandcamp.com (where you can pre-order their new single ‘Disappear’)

Menace Beach: http://www.menacebeach.co.uk

MIMR Playlist Jan 29th

1. Horsebeach ‘Disappear’

The new single from MIMR feature band for January ‘Horsebeach’ is a delight and I heard it for the 1st time at The Castle gig (last Monday 26th) and I was instantly impressed. Due for release on March 9th, Ryan Kennedy and the guys are going about building on the success of last year’s fantastic record in the perfect way. Smooth vocals and a enchanting sound throughout shows that Horsebeach are challenging themselves to grow and mature as a band and ain’t afraid to venture into different musical styles and techniques. MIMR has a exclusive live video of ‘Disappear’ taken from The Castle gig and you can see it very soon on the blog!


2. The Charlatans ‘In The Tall Grass’

Their 12th studio album is here and still going strong, certainly a group to look up to by many of the upcoming indie bands around at the moment. ‘In The Tall grass’ taken from the bands recently released ‘Modern Nature’ record shows off the undoubted swagger and confidence of a band who are just as important in the UK music scene now as they were in height of the bands popularity in the 90s. Check out a live show this year and you will find out why their following is still so big after 25 years in the business, class!


3. Blossoms ‘Cut Me and I’ll Bleed’

Blossoms are making great strides in the popularity stakes off the back of single ‘Blow’ released last year causing exploding hype and very positive reviews indeed. The Stockport band, who also featured on MIMR RADAR last year, second single is out 2nd March, produced by James Skelly (The Coral) and is indie-pop at its best, which certainly confirms what a lot of people already know – these chaps are going places and fast!


4. Man Made ‘Carsick Cars’

Due for release on March 9th MIMR favourites Man Made next offering shows off a bold and full of attitude mentality and with each song they release they’re appeal is growing and growing. Carsick Cars is a live favourite of MIMR and will soon become yours too. The momentum of the band is constantly building so make sure you check them out at a venue near you soon before you have to fight to see them at the bigger places soon enough


5. Mono Sideboards ‘For Laura, For The Morning’

This Liverpool band have earned their place on this week’s playlist with this excellent track, which creates a special atmospheric vibe throughout, with use of haunting vocals and pleasing on the ears guitars, this is all despite MIMR not knowing much about the band. We hold our breath to see what the future brings for these guys, I reckon it might be pretty dam sweet



4 piece punk-rock band ‘Milk Teeth’ hail from Bristol and look set to make big strides this year with their brutish, grungey style and their wild live sets. They release EP ‘Sad Sack’ this week (Jan 26th) and it includes both previous singles ‘Vitamins’ the breakthrough for the band from last May, and ‘Linda’ which was their last single back in November. Get yourself a copy, I don’t think you will be disappointed!!


MIMR Playlist Jan 22nd

1. Seazoo ‘Panda Pains’

I had the pleasure of seeing this week’s 1st band on MIMR playlist over the xmas period and I was instantly hooked. Their new single released this week (Jan 19th) is a huge slice of pop-rock fun with plenty of feel good vibes. Increased air-play of this track and exposure of this Wrexham band bodes well for their future, catching these guys at a venue very soon is a must!


2. Bad Grammar ‘Clown’

One of MIMR favourite rock duo’s return to MIMR Playlist with their new single ‘Clown’ being the follow up to the superb ‘Forced Fun’ EP from last year. This track is 2 and a half minutes of pulsating riffs and knock your socks off beats and vocals which will leave Manchester and the surrounding areas shaking in their trendy boots. Never has MIMR listened to one song on repeat as much as this one, get on it!!!!


3. The Vaccines ‘Handsome’

A welcome return of one of the best british indie bands of recent years is finally here. The Vaccines came on to the scene with their debut ‘Coming of Age’ album which fast-forwarded them towards the top of the tree. After a quiet spell, ‘Handsome’ doesn’t spark a great departure from previous works but it’s a catchy, lyrical brillant track all the same. They are certainly here to run the rule once again, catch them on tour and expect a new record this year, great!!


4. Affairs ‘Blood Science’

Released 8th February, Manchester Alt/Electro band Affairs has been one of MIMR best discovered bands since the turn of the year. ‘Blood Science’ is a track oozing with 80s pop synths and clear cutting vocals. A overall accomplished sound prevails and expect to hear a lot more from these guys


5. The Wombats ‘Greek Tragedy’

We all remember their debut record with songs about Bridget Jones and dancing to joy division but it’s hard to believe that The Wombats haven’t released a record since 2011. This fact make their return up there as the most anticipated of this year. ‘Greek Tragedy’ will appear on their forthcoming album ‘Glitterbug’ out April 6 and is produced by Mark Crew (Bastille) and shows a darker approach from the Liverpudlian trio when compared to their previous more upbeat releases. MIMR looks forward to what the new record has to offer