MIMR Band Chat presents: The Mantells

The Mantells are a Manchester band who MIMR have followed for a while now. The catchy hooks and tight vocals of their ‘How To Say It’ EP was played so many times here at MIMR and with a new single out too, it’s very exciting times for this classic indie band

I got the chance to speak to the band as they gear up for their xmas show, they also share with us their influences, memorable gigs and their new single too

MIMR: Hey guys, tell us about the origins of The Mantells?

The Mantells: The band came together around a year ago, I have known Tom for a whilst, we played in a band together until it split, then we decided to make a fresh start, filling out toms acoustic songs with drums and bass.

MIMR: What influences do you have on your music and are their any bands around currently that you aspire too?

The Mantells: I think we all listen to different music, but as a band are going in a similar direction, Tom has an idea how he wants Lewis’ drums to sound, Lewis likes dissecting Toms lyrics, and although I’m on bass I seem to end up taking chord structures apart, but between us we manage to muddle through. At the moment we all seem to like catfish and the bottlemen, they are doing really well for themselves, it’s just a really good, raw sound.

MIMR: If you guys could pick any song you could of taken credit for which one would it be?

The Mantells: That’s a tough one, I think taking a John Cooper Clarke poem and turning into a love song takes some balls, points to the arctic monkeys on that, I wanna be yours, really works


MIMR: Take us through the story behind new single ‘Men in Suits’ and how do your lyrics come about for your songs?

The Mantells: People seem to take different meaning from the song, we have been asked if the song is having a pop at the people in the music industry, although I didn’t write the song, I think its more questioning what the 9 til 5 is about, and like the well known philosopher Christopher George Latore Wallace once said, Mo money, Mo problems

MIMR: Which gig have you played that have been the most memorable?

The Mantells: They are all memorable for different reasons, our first gig out of Manchester was an experience, our EP launch at the castle on Oldham street was ram packed, it made for a brilliant night, this year we have ticked off a lot of venues that we wanted to play, we have one big gig lined up for the new year, the Manchester academy on 14th March, supporting glass caves, so hopefully things are only gonna get bigger and better!


MIMR: Is it true to say that social media plays a big part in the success of any band?

The Mantells: yes, we have a facebook, twitter, instagram, youtube, soundcloud, reverb nation, wordpress etc, I think the arctic monkeys were lucky there was only myspace around!
Its brilliant that we can get our music out and heard by people all over the world.

MIMR: Can you tell MIMR about this single launch night you’ve got planned before xmas?

The Mantells: Yeh, we are having a big Christmas blow out, to celebrate releasing our first single, to get everyone together and have a good old boogie. The night is the Saturday 20/12/14 at the ‘Uglyman office Christmas party’ at the Night and Day Cafe on Oldham street Manchester. Get yourself down the Christmas markets, couple of mulled wines early doors and come over for a dance!

Thanks to The Mantells for talking to MIMR, I hope to be at their xmas gig but certainly will be following them again here on MIMR, we constantly push the Manchester music scene, it’s looking pretty good at the moment, check out The Mantells, here are the links you need to know:

Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/TheMantells?refsrc=https://www.facebook.com/TheMantells

Soundcloud: https://m.soundcloud.com/themantells

The Mantells blog: http://themantells.wordpress.com

Buy their new single ‘Men in Suits’ here: Men in Suits – Single by The Mantells

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