MIMR LIVE: NME gig Nov 6th featuring Superfood, Honeyblood and Man Made

The NME gigs over the years, in their many disguises, have always thrown up many bands that have gone massive afterwards, just look at Royal Blood and what has happened to them since appearing 2nd on a bill of 4 bands at the NME tour earlier in the year, their now jaw droppingly big. ThisContinue reading “MIMR LIVE: NME gig Nov 6th featuring Superfood, Honeyblood and Man Made”

MIMR Band Chat presents: Trojan Horse

Trojan Horse are a super band from Salford who have only been under the MIMR radar for a month or so but have made a very big impression. They’re take on Prog Rock is big and smacks you in the face hard and they’re hard work is finally starting to bear fruit In this interviewContinue reading “MIMR Band Chat presents: Trojan Horse”

MIMR Band Chat presents: Flesh

One of my favourite new bands I’ve discovered since starting MIMR are these 4 guys from Manchester, together they are ‘Flesh’ a fun, carefree band, determined to party and make music with a smile on their face. They’re raucous style was introduced to me at a recent gig supporting Man Made and I instantly gotContinue reading “MIMR Band Chat presents: Flesh”