MIMR Playlist: Best of

Since I started the MIMR playlist back in September I have discovered so many amazing tracks and it’s opened my eyes to so many fantastic bands, whether it be up and coming acts or more well known artists. It’s been a tough choice but I’ve chosen 10 of my favourite tracks (in no particular order) from the MIMR Playlist over the last few months, enjoy!

1. Deers ‘Bamboo’

A band who have featured heavily on the blog have been this spanish girl group from Spain, their rock and roll charm shines through on this track in particular and sure to be a band that will get bigger and bigger in 2015


2. Happyness ‘Anythin I Do Is All Right’

One of my favourite albums of the year came from these guys, ‘Weird Little Birthday’ was a delight in so many ways, this track however showed their hard hitting, edgier side and we liked it a lot. Expect to see a lot more from these next year


3. Mazes ‘Salford’

Their Album ‘Wooden Aquarium is up there as one of my most listened to album of the last few months. Hailing from Manchester, this track showcases their undoubt talents and one of their best efforts yet and in the process makes more people visit Salford….perhaps anyway, I’ve not done any surveys or anythin. Check them out if u haven’t already


4. Telegram ‘Regatta’

These Psych-rock guys stormed a show they did supporting The Horrors a few months back and proved that they have all the attributes to have huge success. The song is a live favourite and MIMR favourite too, I also luckily get to see them again very soon, excited is a understatement!


5. Flesh ‘Vauxhall Casanova’

A Manchester band that I’ve championed a lot recently and all for very good reason. Flesh are loving life at the moment, steadily building up a dedicated following and one of the front runners in the booming Manchester scene that’s developed. This song sums up the band perfectly, embracing their roots and having fun with their music. Let the good times roll!


6. Horsebeach ‘Even’

Adding to the Manchester influence on this playlist are the wonderful Horsebeach. Their debut LP has gathered glowing praise for all around and with many people talking about them being on the verge of greatness and with songs like this I certainly would go along with that. Enjoy their 80s indie pop and you will feel very much better for it


7. Man Made ‘Tv Broke My Brain’

Nile Marr and Co have in, all honesty, been my favourite band I’ve covered since starting the blog and is the band I’ve seen the most live during the period that MIMR has existed. Their great stage presence and Nile’s undoubted talent as a frontman have been the perfect combination for me as a fan of their music. This track is great live and its stomping nature makes it a great song to singalong too, Man Made take a bow


8. Love Buzzard ‘Passion’

Friends of MIMR, Love Buzzard recently announced their much anticipated EP (out Dec 6th) and this tune ‘Passion’ was only a bonus track, how good will the record be then. The London duo illustrate their rock credentials on this blistering track and with a excellent video to match, MIMR can certainly say a very well done, I think seeing a show from these guys in 2015 is a must!


9. Trojan Horse ‘Meat Eater’

One of the few songs I’ve listened to in recent times that I can’t get out of my head, it’s all for good reasons tho as the guys from Trojan horse have certainly proved their skill in this killer track. Proper alt-rock at its best and a excellent album recently released too, Trojan Horse are certainly building momentum and MIMR says there’s great things awaiting this Salford lot


10. Antelopes ‘What a Shame’

Showing how to do it your own way are Manchester band Antelopes. This song had me bobbing along constantly for weeks and weeks. The Antelopes 3 record, released earlier this year, highlighted the bands excellent production skills in creating a fabulously crafted selection of songs, can’t wait to hear what they have up their sleeves next


This was a very tough choice to pick just 10 so here are some honourable mentions of other tracks I’ve enjoyed over the last few months:

Two Cheers ‘Tell her’
Spring King ‘Better Man’
Bad Grammar ‘Weekend Dad’
Shy Nature ‘Birthday Club’
Hookworms ‘On Leaving’
Menace Beach ‘Come on Give Up’

MIMR Playlist will be back in the new year, bigger and better than ever!!


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