MIMR Band Chat presents: Love Buzzard

Next to join MIMR Band Chat are psych rockers Love Buzzard, their no messing about, high energy sound has been a joy to MIMR ears over the last few months. I was fortunate enough to catch up with the band and on the agenda was everything from the bands origins and their favourite bands to their EP launch and even a incident with Santa Claus


MIMR: How was Love Buzzard formed guys?

LB: We used to play in a new wave 60’s garage band but fancied playing something a little heavier together, got in a rehearsal room and it seemed to click.

MIMR:How would you describe your sound and what musical influences do you have?

LB: Our sound is like a fresh graze – stripped back raw, and fuzzy. We don’t try and constrain ourselves with a particular genre really but it leans towards the rough garage & psych type of stuff usually.

Influences include Nuggets style garage and psych from the 60s such as The Sonics as well as bands like The Gun Club, The Cramps, The Meteors, The Birthday Party with a bit of grunge and stoner rock mixed in for good measure.

MIMR: Passion is a great track and the video is very clever too, there’s a lot of dancing in it, what’s your favourite song to dance to?

LB: Birdie Song.

MIMR: Your debut EP is out next month (Dec 6) how did it come together and how do u find recording songs in general?

LB: We’ve been coming up with tracks and playing them live for the past year so we got in the studio with Mark Jasper (Sound Savers) in Homerton, East London late June. He’s been recording loads of bands we’re into. We did a bunch of tracks and picked four to put on the vinyl EP and the bonus track Passion as a free download.

Whilst recording we try to keep the sound as pure and true to a live performance as possible. As a two piece it’s hard to resist adding bits here and there but if your gonna need twenty session musicians to play it live whats the point. So the motto is if we can’t play it live then it doesn’t need to be on the record!

I (Al) love recording, the whole process of creating something we’ve been playing live for months and seeing it finished and become an ‘actual’ locked down thing. Sometimes it’s tricky. We recorded a last minute track to commemorate 20 years of the Gang of Four ‘That’s Entertainment Album’ recently and learnt it the night before we went into the studio…the recording was a little difficult, on the 79th take I was about to pass out…but we got there in the end…no tears were spilt, just a little blood.

MIMR:What’s your favourite venue to play?

LB: Anywhere. Played the Boilerroom in Guildford last Saturday for Quatre Femmes Records. That was cool.

MIMR: Are there any funny stories you can tell MIMR about any previous gigs you’ve played?

LB: I noticed smoke billowing out of the bass amp at one gig, then released that we didn’t have a bassist. Some guy dressed as Santa Claus had thrown a smoke grenade on the stage. One of those ones you get at footy matches in the terraces. The whole basement filled with smoke and the building and crowd were evacuated. We finished the song mind.

MIMR: What will Love Buzzard be up to in 2015?

LB: First up we’re releasing our debut EP at The Shacklewell Arms on Sat 6th December…then for 2015 we’ve already got quite a few gigs planned around the country. Play loads, release our debut album hopefully, eat more greens.

Thanks again to Love Buzzard for talking to MIMR, check them out, here are the various links and info


Gig dates

Sat 22nd Nov. The Boilerroom, Guildford.

Sat 29th Nov. Secret Show. London.

Friday 5th Dec. Mother’s Ruin, Bristol.

Saturday 6th Dec. The Shacklewell Arms, London. Official EP Launch Party.

Fri 19th Dec. Wharf Chambers, Leeds. w/ Molars, Bilge Pump

Sat 28th March. Wharf Chambers, Leeds. Karma All Dayer.

FACEBOOK: https://m.facebook.com/LoveBuzzard

TWITTER: https://mobile.twitter.com/Love_Buzzard

SOUNDCLOUD: https://m.soundcloud.com/love-buzzard




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