MIMR Band Chat presents: Kidsmoke

It’s safe to say that I’ve been looking forward to this band appearing on MIMR for quite a while now, introducing Kidsmoke, a alternative band who’s fantastic stage presence and excellent songwriting will surely reap the rewards in 2015, if there’s one band I want everyone to get behind its these guys

MIMR was privileged to get a few words from Lead singer and good friend Lance Williams, in this interview lance talks about the new EP, the joys of Manchester gig scene and 2014 being a great year for music

MIMR: Hey lance, what you up to today?

Lance: Hey MIMR, I’ve woken up with a stinkin’ cold this morning but I’ve got some time to myself today so I’m going to work on a few new songs we’ve got in the works.

MIMR: What’s the latest with the band, everyone happy?

Lance: Yeah everyone is good. We’ve just finished recording our new EP, it’s being mixed at the moment so we’re busy sorting out the artwork, videos and all the other stuff that comes with releasing a record. We have a couple of shows coming up in December after a bit of time away from playing live and we’ve had a couple of changes within the band, so we’ve been rehearsing to make sure we’re up to scratch for the gigs.

MIMR: With fellow band members living in Manchester, do u think it’s the best place to gig or is there another place or venue that are good for you?

Lance: Manchester is a great place to play, since we started Kidsmoke most of our shows have been there. Since releasing our debut EP ‘Higher’ we’ve had a great deal more attention than we’ve ever had in previous bands we’ve been in, I think that’s mainly down to the fact we play a lot and are based in Manchester (and hopefully the songs are better!). Manchester has loads of great places to play too, my favourites are Soup Kitchen, Kraak Gallery and The Deaf Institute.

MIMR: Being a fellow blogger are they’re any bands that are you mad about at the moment

Lance: 2014 has been a great year for music with acts like Beck, War On Drugs, Wild Beasts and TV On The Radio all releasing superb albums. As for newish bands I’m liking stuff like Avi Buffalo, The Barr Brothers, Angel Olsen and the debut effort from Glass Animals is pretty good, we supported them at Trof in Fallowfield last year and they are excellent live too.

MIMR: What’s the future for kidsmoke?

Lance: We are hoping to release our new EP early next year, it’s sounding great, I can’t wait for people to hear it. Our plan after that is to carry on releasing music, play live as much as we can and to just see what comes of it really. I don’t worry about what the future will bring for us, as long as we’re putting the effort in and always working to become better songwriters and performers then I think there’ll always be new doors opening up for us.

MIMR: Any funny stories for any kidsmoke gigs you can share with us?

Lance: There hasn’t really been anything funny happen at a Kidsmoke show yet (although we did rehearse in a place that looked like something out of the Saw films the other week, which was more scary than funny). Come to think of it, at a Halloween gig years ago our drummer Chris had a few too many guiness’ and played the gig in a cape and a Styrofoam pizza base with eye holes cut out of it as a mask. It was too funny, I wish I had a photo of it.

MIMR: Thanks lance for your time and pleasure talking to you my good friend, any last words?

Lance: Yes.

So Long, Emptiness

Thanks MIMR, speak soon.


A big thanks to lance for talking to us, rest assured that as soon as the EP details are announced I will post them on the blog. Here are few links to check out:



And here is a video for Take me to the River’ taken from their last EP ‘Higher’ check it out

Also check out lance’s music blog here, it’s super


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