MIMR Playlist Nov 13

1. Horsebeach ‘Even’

Another Manchester band featuring on the playlist are Horsebeach, bringing their mix of 80s jangle pop and indie to the forefront of the local scene. This track is taken from their self titled record released this summer and draws comparsions to MIMR favourites Real Estate and Mac Demarco. With whispers that they could be the next big thing to come out of Manchester and in the same vein as The Smiths, i reckon you get on board and quick!

2. The Voyeurs ‘Stunners’

Formerly known as Charlie Boyer and The Voyeurs, this london indie/punk/ psych outfit have shown a darker side in their latest album ‘Rhubarb Rhubarb’ released this week (Nov 10) Lead single, the Glam-Rock themed ‘Stunners’ has all the attributes that show off their undoubted talent and their live shows are not to be missed

3. Tim Wheeler ‘Vigil’

More famously known as the lead singer of British guitar band Ash, Tim Wheeler’s’ 1st time going on his own is a very heartfelt affair. It deals mainly with the journey he went through with his dad, who sadly passed away 3 years ago from Alzheimer’s. Although they’re are lighter parts to the record on the whole, ‘Vigil’ certainly shows the emotion Wheeler must of gone through this period, his execution of this is done superbly well indeed

4. Hookworms ‘Off Screen’

Finally here is Hookworms new record and it is everything i expected and more. Fuzzy tones and mesmurising vocals can be found on this track, underlining their status as one of the best noise-rock bands around. ‘The Hum’ is certain to be in most people’s end of year record list, it certainly will be in MIMR’s – top stuff guys!

5. Two Cheers ‘Tell Her’

All the way from Los Angeles, Two Cheers display on their recently released LP the infectious sounds that only a select few posess. ‘Tell her’ shows off all the band has to offer, a combination of rhythmical funky grooves with dreamy vocals and shimmering guitars, MIMR gives them 3 cheers and a pat on the back

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