MIMR Band Chat presents: Trojan Horse

Trojan Horse are a super band from Salford who have only been under the MIMR radar for a month or so but have made a very big impression. They’re take on Prog Rock is big and smacks you in the face hard and they’re hard work is finally starting to bear fruit

In this interview Trojan horse share their love for Plaid shirts, what they did over Halloween and how you can get your hands on their new record:


MIMR: What can people expect at a Trojan Horse gig then?

TR: From a Trojan Horse gig people can certainly expect a great deal of personal existential confusion. Generally audiences fall in to one of two camps; absolute confusion – which then turns into a mix of bemused admiration and questions about their own taste in music up to that point. The second type seems to be “This is really weird but I LOVE IT and i dont care why”, those are the people that stand right at the front and dance with abandon even when we change time signatures more often than underwear. From the band you can expect four people, all trying to play the very bones out of their bodies, hammering out songs that would make most brains bleed with complex hooks. Lots of loud, some quiet, some fast, some slow and lots and lots of weirdness oozing out. And plaid shirts, we love a good plaid shirt.

MIMR: What were your plans this Halloween?

TR: This Halloween we went and played up in a place called Ulverston, for our mate Dan Payne from Cassie (great band by the way, think the UK’s answer to HELLA but catchier songs). We did the set as ‘Cat Sabbath’ and did a cover of Paranoid. We were going to go as Black Sabbath, but couldnt find the requisite long hair wigs, although we are ever the inventive lot so we combined the staple halloween ‘Sexy Cat’ vibes and Sabbath, it was a marriage made in the bowels of hell. It worked, I ended up getting virtually naked and tribal dancing around the venue while the audience played our instruments. It was a transcendental experience.

MIMR: What’s been your favourite venue you’ve played?

TR: That is actually a really hard question to answer! We are very lucky in the UK that we have a network of amazing venues and promoters who are supportive of music on every level. Ruby Lounge in Manchester is like our spiritual home, its just a fantastic place to play all the people who work there are amazing (so much so that Nick relentlessly demanded a bar job there, and eventually they gave in). However theres the Brudenell in Leeds, The Underworld/The Black Heart/The Lexington in London, 13th Note in Glasgow, Buskers in Dundee, Clwb Ifor Bach in Cardiff….the list is potentially endless as we’re treated really well, and the audiences are always amazingly supportive, they make a gig as much as the surroundings.


MIMR: With your new record receiving a lot of postive comments and a album launch next month, Is it exciting times for the band?

TR: We’re actually really humbled by all the positive words that have been said about both World Turned Upside Down, and Meat Eater the single we did for RAK Records. We have been playing long enough now to know that these new releases are the best things we have put out, and we’re extremely proud of ourselves and everyone that’s been involved to get it to that point. After three long hard years of work, it’s paying off. For us to then put it out and get such an overwhelmingly positive response from reviewers and fans is something else entirely. Even when you know it’s the best you could have done, there is always the voice in your head, the inner critic, and it’s nice for that guy to be silenced by other people’s positive reactions. We’ve had all this good stuff happen, but we know there’s always more that we can do, we aren’t ones to sit on our laurels, onwards and upwards!

MIMR: Are they’re bands knocking about currently that you would love to be on the same bill as?

TR: I think we are in a great position that we are in a time and place where we get to play with a bunch of really cool bands like; Alpha Male Tea Party, Cleft, Body Hound, Flesh, Baby Godzilla, Cyril Snear, Bad Grammar, Knifeworld, The Fierce and the Dead, Cassie, Thumpermonkey and it not be too much hassle to arrange gigs like that. I personally would love to play alongside Field Music, and obviously stuff like Mastodon and Queens of the Stone Age are like the ULTIMATE wish list.

MIMR:It’s important that as a band you always challenge yourself over time, what inspiration do you feed off and how has your sound evolved over the years?

TR: It’s a cliché to say that “everything” informs our way of working, however it would be reductive of me to try and say “oh a, b, c…….are our inspirations”. We put a list of things that inspired the recent record on the inner sleeve of the album, specifically so people could go and explore the sounds and ideas we had while making it. The biggest thing we feed off is each other and our producer, we all have ideas individually but we all work on those ideas together, shaping them and moulding them into the best possible versions they could be. Nothing is sacred, if i have a part and anyone else thinks it could be played better, we try and play it that way, or we swap instruments and play it that way.

As for the evolution of our sound, i remember when we first started, we wanted to make songs that sounded like a DJ mixing different genres of music in a set, and given our skills and musical ability at that time, we did a pretty good job of realising that idea. As time has gone on, we experiment more with sonics, and “traditional songwriting” because that was something new to explore for us. We built the framework of all these different types/genres of songs and hung new sounds in there to see if they were still the same thing once we’d finished with them. So instead of cramming as many time changes as we can, now it’s “right, well how we can keep modifying this before it becomes something else, and is that something else new and unique”.

MIMR: How can people get hold of your latest record then guys?

TR: You can buy our album World Turned Upside Down from Bad Elephant Music: http://music.badelephant.co.uk/album/world-turned-upside-down-2
You can get the single ‘Meat Eater’ from RAK Records: http://raksinglesclub.tmstor.es/
Or alternatively you can pop along to a gig and get them both directly from us and we’ll even shake your hand and kiss your cheek too

Thanks again to Trojan Horse for chatting to us and MIMR reckon you all check out their music, here are the links

Twitter: @trojanhorseuk

Facebook: trojanhorseuk


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