MIMR Playlist Nov 6

1. Deers ‘Castigadas En El Granero’

Spanish girl group Deers are becoming a firm MIMR favourite (this their 2nd appearance on the playlist) with this song taken from the new ‘Barn’ single. Once only a duo, this song is the 1st song recorded by a now expanded 4 members. It’s chaotic and punchy sound makes them a fantastic live band and it’s a mix of 60s pop and garage rock at its finest


2. Spring king ‘Better Man’

This energetic Manchester band have impressed many a music goer this year with their fast paced punk vibes, powerful enough to knock your socks off. The song is taken from their excellent ‘Demons EP released in September and MIMR says they are certainly ones to watch in 2015


3. Superfood ‘Superfood’

One of the many highlights from one of the brightest sparks of this year. Superfood have shone under the radar of so many followers and now they have fantastic debut album ‘Don’t Say That’ to show for their efforts. This song shows off the feel good factor they convey and reminds you of the good times of the summer. Look out for a gig review very soon of them on the NME Breed tour, very exciting!


4. Trojan Horse ‘Meat Eater’

Flying the flag for Prog-Rock are Trojan Horse, a Band that’s varied influences make for a very addictive sound. Hailing from Salford this track released Oct 27 was produced at the famous RAK studios in London (Radiohead, David Bowie, Pink Floyd to name but a few have all recorded there) and is three and half minutes of pure class on so many levels (had the chorus in my brain constantly :p). And there’s more, they have a new album ‘World Turned Upside Down’ out too, get on it I say!


5. Shy Nature ‘Birthday Club’

This London trio have gathered a very good following in recent months in particular, their a essential indie band, guitars played with a swagger and atmospheric vocals. Their easy listenable sound is summed up the title track to their new EP out next week (Nov 10th). Their great use of upbeat harmonies (think mystery jets/vampire weekend) can only mean that they will become one of the best in a good crop of british indie bands around at the moment


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