MIMR Band Chat presents: Flesh

One of my favourite new bands I’ve discovered since starting MIMR are these 4 guys from Manchester, together they are ‘Flesh’ a fun, carefree band, determined to party and make music with a smile on their face. They’re raucous style was introduced to me at a recent gig supporting Man Made and I instantly got hooked

In this interview Flesh tells us about Snotpop, red boiler suits and the treat of soup and butties

MIMR: You would very much seem to be planted in your roots in Manchester but would you consider moving down London way if it was beneficial for the band?

Flesh: Tried london out couple of years already, love seeing pals there, not guna move back in a hurry

MIMR: How would you describe your sound and what are the influences you have on your music?

Flesh: We describe our sound as Snotpop. Were influenced and driven by our surroundings, hatred towards certain people’s behaviour which makes us snotty. Heartfelt politeness and sweet nothings don’t feel like an appropriate representation of the times. The sound that comes out of us is probs a combo of what we love and hate, mashed together in a bit of a contradiction sometimes.

MIMR: What’s your favourite venue in Manchester to gig?

Flesh: Favourite venue to gig in Manchester is Soup Kitchen, been to some ace shows and club nights there too. Occasionally when we got a extra couple of quid to spare, the soup and butties on the ground floor are bang on. But that is defo an occasion.


MIMR: If you could be in any band past or present, which one would you choose?

Flesh: Would have been Slipknot when they were new for sure, not now. If it hadn’t been done already we’d probs all be straight in them red boiler suits, maybe even be 5 more mates involved too.

MIMR: What’s your favourite tipple down the boozer?

Flesh: Me favourite down the boozer…have to be a nice pale ale when I can afford it, usually settle for a diluted Carling tho of course

MIMR: What does Flesh have planned in 2015?

Flesh: 2015 for us….not guna reveal a lot just now but we’ll have a van and plenty of clobber to give out


Thanks Flesh for the interview, a band I will cover again for sure on the blog so keep a look out for some more Snotpop action

Check out there video for the excellent Vauxhall Casanova here

Follow them on Twitter: @LUVFLESHH

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