ALBUMS of 2014

Parquet Courts ‘Sunbathing Animal’

New Yorkers Parquet Courts released their follow up to 2013 ‘Light Up Gold’ on June 3. ‘Sunbathing Animal’ was the end of result of songs that had been written shortly after their 2013 record, showing their great work ethic and their vision to evolve. The writing to the new record has been explained as having a greater freedom and creativity with a tense and tangled take on Punk rock that gets under your skin. The title track explodes like nothing on the previous record and ‘She’s Rollin’ is a diversion from their short, snappy style, mainly due to it’s 6 and half minute duration with long, frenetic harmonica and angry guitar solos.


Other highlights of the record include the head nodding and addictive ‘Ducking and Dodging’ with more examples of frantic guitar solos with a Andrew savage’s continuous and precise lyrical monologue. It’s the last two songs of the album that show Parquet Courts softer side (‘Raw Milk’ and ‘Into The Garden’) which displays their new found confidence given to them by the cult success of the previous record

Perhaps inevitably ‘Sunbathing Animal’ overall isn’t quite as striking as ‘Light Up Gold’ but they’re energy and invention does point to a step up towards bigger things and being in no rush to cease they’re punk racket and this fact is worth celebrating!

Essential tracks: ‘Sunbathing Animal’ ‘She’s Rollin’


* * * * * * * * * (8 out of 10 stars)

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