Royal-Blood (1)

ROYAL BLOOD‘Royal Blood’

Hailing from Brighton this duo have come a long way in a short space of time, with their self-titled debut album (released august 25th) being the awesome end product.  It was July 2013 and the drummer of the Arctic Monkeys, Matt Helders wears a Royal Blood t-shirt as they are headlining the pyramid stage at Glastonbury, this before RB had even released a single. Since then they’ve achieved rave reviews, heavy airplay on Radio 1 and became labelmates with Muse, Biffy clyro and Foals amongst others.  Along with support slot with Arctic Monkeys they have been a must see at the summer festival circuit.

Now to the album, 33 minutes of marvellously hefty drum work (Ben Thatcher) and impressive riffs on bass and snarling vocals (Mike Kerr) this alone justifies they’re comparisons with Queens of the stone age, Muse and The white Stripes to name a few. Typically their 4 singles, Out of the Black, Little monster, Come on over and Figure it out, are stand out tracks on the record. My highlight is Little monster with its fine chorus and buzzing riffs which is very hard to shake out of your head.  Out of the black was my 1st glimpse of RB so this will always be a top tune, the explosive end to their high energy gigs.

So what about their other album tracks, Ten tonne skeleton is a clever use of riffs and dynamic, stomping percussion and Blood hands an example of a break from their usual high gusto style which still fits the record very well.  It is true to say that the impressive singles do eclipse the other tracks, not saying that the tracks Careless and Loose change for example work well but don’t quite hit the spot in the same way.

Overall the hype has been proven correct by this record and there’s much to admire in the direct punch the band deliver.  I was lucky enough to see them live few months back on the NME tour and they were amazing, catch them at a venue near you soon!

* * * * * * * * * (9 out of 10 stars)

Essential tracks: ‘Little monster, ‘Out of the Black’

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