MIMR Review: Crapsons ‘That Bit Between Christmas and New Year’

MIMR’s favourite punk duo Crapsons return to the blog with their latest offering ‘That Bit Between Christmas and New Year’ released via Society of Losers records, delivered in a ferocious and explosive manner that we all have come to expect from the wirral twosome.

My experience of that time of year when i was younger was that you never knew what actual day it was, you ate turkey and chocolates all day and then trying to decide what you were going to spend your £10 voucher for in WHSmiths. The track bellows out the current frustrations that we are all feeling and speaks to us all through the use of pounding beats and manic riffs to produce a anthem that we can all sing from the rooftops.

Now form a orderly queue to have a turn on the tory punchbag, bagsy first go on Boris!

Here’s the track:

MIMR Review: Loose Articles ‘Kick Like a Girl’

With the Euro’s in full swing and the local boozers now open again, we can all finally start to enjoy a few jars whilst cheering and singing at 22 men kicking a football. Ferocious, Manchester post-punk quartet Loose Articles are kitted up and ready to join in the summer bonanza of footy with their new single released June 10th.

Fast paced, action packed and always on the attack is what you get with this 4 piece. Spiky, explosive riffs and bellowing vocals are the perfect strike force, certain to rile you into a footballing frenzy.

Let’s hope we will have something to celebrate this time, we all know England tends to disappoint…It’s Coming Home….win or lose Loose Articles should be your true champions

Here’s the track:

MIMR Band Chat: Cold Comforts

So it’s been a while….2 whole months infact since the last feature, it’s tough times at the moment and my focus has been away from MIMR recently sadly and apart from the return of the MIMR Podcast, all things new music related have been halted, hopefully this will change from now on and a more steady stream of blog features will resume.

Anyway, MIMR spoke to Kieran from Manchester Alt-Rock quartet Cold Comforts one of our favourite new bands at the moment about the recent single, dealing with the pandemic and future plans for the band

MIMR: Who are Cold Comforts and how did the band began?

Kieran: Cold Comforts is an alt rock passion project led by me (Kieran). I brought together my favourite 3 people to complete the lineup and thus the band became a real thing.

MIMR: What would you say would be the main influences you draw upon in the creating process?

Kieran: I try and draw influence artistically from all around me, music, art, literature etc
Lyrically I often find myself using songs as a form of therapy, turning inward and reflecting on whatever is floating around in my subconscious, which is normally pretty weird

MIMR: The recent single ‘On My Own’ is one of MIMR favourite tracks at the moment, tell us more about the track and how was it releasing it during a pandemic?

Kieran: It’s always nice to know we’ve connected with someone on any level, so thank you!
The track was probably written late 2019 and was a way of me processing a whirlpool of thoughts and emotions post breakup from a long term relationship.
It was certainly chaos trying to work during the pandemic. Thankfully we got in a studio and did drums for this and Far Apart in Jan 2020. Then James (guitarist) and I recorded the rest in our flat. We mixed it and got our other housemate Karl Ziegler to master it, so all done in house, mostly because I’m a cheap bastard..
We had some pretty grand plans for the video which got screwed a few times so the final one is actually the 3rd re-draft, but we still think it looks great!

MIMR: How have the band coped with the obvious problems and frustrations that the virus has caused and are you able to make any plans now theres a bit of hope for the near future?

Kieran: As a band we’ve not struggled too much as I’m the key songwriter, so most of this last year has been useful to create lots of new music. Some of which we’re in the process of recording right now to be released in August.
Much like everyone else we’re eagerly awaiting the safe return of gigs and trying to make some plans surrounding the release in August!

MIMR: We would normally be looking forward to festival season but only ones later in the year look likely to happen. Do the band have any good experiences at festivals they like to share?

Kieran: Weirdly we’ve never actually played a festival yet. We only formed a year prior to the pandemic so it’s pretty hard to get on any lineups because so many are being rolled over from the previous year, understandably.
But we’ve all spent our fair share of time getting stuck in on all the weird shit that goes on when music, humans and certain substances get brought together in a field in the middle of nowhere…

MIMR: Thanks for talking to us and good luck for the rest of the year. How can people follow you on social media?

Kieran: And the same to you my friend!

All the usual socials and listening platforms can be found here: https://linktr.ee/coldcomforts

Listen to recent single ‘On My Own’ here:

MIMR Band Chat: The Heavy North

With the pandemic showing no sign of easing anytime soon, how ever much we all hope it does, new music never stops to be produced and that’s where one of MIMR newest discoveries The Heavy North really shine with their gritty rock sound. I spoke to the band about their EP, pandemic activities and festival highlights.

MIMR: Welcome to MIMR, how best would you describe your sound and what influences greatly shape it?

THN: Thanks for taking for the time to talk to us! The Heavy North’s sound was described as “dirty scuzzed-up dive bar blues” by a gig reviewer after one of our early live shows and that kind of stuck – and that description helped us with a title for our debut vinyl EP.

We’d probably describe ourselves as “garage-blues rock” and although all five members of the band have our own personal influences, some key artists who have helped shape our sound include Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac, Cream, The Rolling Stones and Jimi Hendrix, as well as some modern bands like The Black Keys, Rival Sons and Little Barrie.

There’s also a bit of soul thrown in too like Otis Redding and Sam Cooke, especially when it comes to Kenny’s vocals which are a massive part of The Heavy North’s sound.

MIMR: You certainly made 2020 a busy one culminating in the release of the excellent 4 track EP ‘Dive Bar Blues’. How was your 2020 overall and what are your plans for the rest of this year?

THN: Considering the last ‘proper’ gigs we played were in March 2020 supporting Temples and Cut Glass Kings in Liverpool, 2020 has actually worked out quite well for the band and we’ve been able to achieve most of our goals during the year and we finally released our first vinyl EP ‘Dive Bar Blues’ in December 2020.

Like a lot of artists we started doing some lockdown videos and live streams in April/May 2020 which was around the same time we released our “breakthrough” single ‘Lying To Yourself’ which went on to pick up plays on BBC Radio 6 and BBC Introducing. Following the release we received some great opportunities including a live radio session and interview with Janice Long on BBC Radio Wales, as well as the opportunity to play to 11,000 empty seats at the M&S Bank Arena in August 2020 for the Liverpool Digital Music Festival which was an incredible experience.

Looking at the year ahead, we’re continuing to promote our 4-track Dive Bar Blues vinyl EP whilst we record some new tracks which we hope we can share this Spring/Summer 2021. It’s difficult to plan any returns to live music at the moment, so we’re focusing on writing and recording and edging closer to finishing our debut album.

MIMR: Now the lockdown has effected everyone in the industry and it still might be a few months before music venues can reopen, where’s the first place you will go once the green light has been given?

THN: It’s been such a difficult 12 months for the industry and especially for so many independent venues across the UK, so as soon as we’re allowed to we’d like to play a run of dates across the country. We’re yet to play a show outside of the North West really, so we’re desperate to get out there again – especially as we’ve started to build a great following over the past 12 months.

We’ve played some great independent venues since we started in November 2018 – including Manchester’s Night & Day, the Bootleg Social in Blackpool and Phase One in Liverpool – and we just hope there’s plenty of grassroots venues left when live music returns.

MIMR: Away from music how have the band passed the time during the pandemic?

Kenny (Vocals): “Crying. I’ve been practicing looking out of windows and I’ve become a very nosey peeper. The woman over the road squeezes her spots in the front window”

Andy (Bass): I’ve taken up road cycling (much to Kenny’s amusement!) and I’ve also enrolled on an online full stack developer course to get into web development. Time to do something I want to do instead of bouncing from job to job – until we get famous and all live in Cheshire of course!

Jose (Guitar): “PlayStation. A lot of Call of Duty. I’m basically a warzone specialist now!”

Mark (Drums): “Mostly brushing up on my barbering tutorials for when I can pick that up again, and I’ve gotten more into bits of photography and editing here and there for fun. Other than music, just been playing a lot of Xbox and trying to relax.”

Ste (Keys): “I’ve been flying through some box sets. I’d never watched the Sopranos or Game of Thrones until lockdown last year, and I’ve gone down a few rabbit holes recently watching some bizarre documentaries too”

MIMR: So we’re not sure if festival season will go ahead this year with Glastonbury being cancelled again but if you could play any festival which one would it be and what 3 bands would like to play with on the same stage?

THN: It’s not looking too good for festival season again this year, but we’d obviously love the opportunity to play at Glastonbury – who wouldn’t? A few of us have been to Glasto over the years and it’s incredible. There’s also some amazing overseas festivals we’d love the opportunity to play – like Primavera (Barcelona), SXSW (Texas) and Coachella (California).

Its’ difficult to name 3 bands we’d like to play with on the same stage – but they’d need to be a ‘proper’ festival band – something like the Stones or Paul McCartney! We’d love to play with some of our modern influences too – like Rival Sons or The Black Keys.

MIMR: Thanks for chatting to us, wish you all the best for this year, let’s hope you can hit the road and play sooner rather later. How can people follow you on social media?

THN: We’re all over social media, and that’s played such a big part in helping us to build a fan base during the pandemic. You can find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @theheavynorth.

We also have plenty of videos on our YouTube channel where you can also find footage of our set at the M&S Bank Arena last August – which is definitely the closest thing to a gig we’ve done during the pandemic – just search ‘The Heavy North’

Thanks for speaking to us!

MIMR Review: The Be Positives ‘It’s Easy (If You Try)

In a long overdue inclusion on the blog, Manchester melodic pop quartet The be Positives glide themselves effortlessly into our hearts with their pre xmas single (Dec 15th) and certainly was one of MIMR favourite tracks to end the troublesome year that was 2020.

Produced at the start of the 1st lockdown, a vintage 60s folk vibe is glowing throughout with blissful vocals and sumptuous, vibrant tones that are hard not to tap a foot or two to.

With the dawn of the new year behind us let’s hope we can experience the joy that one of their live shows would surely bring sooner rather than later.

Check it out here:

Mr Matthew Fisher ‘Micky’

As we dive head first into 2021 hoping for something better than the current state of affairs in this mad world we now live in, this year has already seen the emergence of some new artists to MIMR, with one such act catching the eye at the back end of 2020, that being the mercurial talents of singer-songwriter Mr Matthew Fisher.

His 2nd single ‘Micky’ released yesterday (Jan 8th) is a pop-rock stomp from a chap who was included in our recent Sounds Of 2021 list and who will be sure to gain many more followers throughout 2021.

A suave and sophisticated delivery with punchy guitars and some funky grooves make for a purposeful and cleverly arranged track, take a bow mister!

Here’s the track, not dancing is not a option.

MIMR Sounds Of 2021

In the 1st feature of a brand new year on the blog, it’s time once again for our picks of bands worth checking out this year, lets hope we can see all these live at some point.

Here are MIMR Sounds of 2021 list:

Mr Matthew Fisher

The Galahads


Stepford Wives

Cold Water Swimmers


The Hyena Kill

The Battery Farm

Giant Boys

Jessica Luise

MIMR Best Albums of 2020

So it’s MIMR final feature of 2020 and we all hope that 2021 will be a lot more back to normal for everyone in the music industry. As we look back on the year, despite the obvious changes that people have had to deal with, a lot of great records were produced.

Here are MIMR’s top 20 albums of the year.

20. Demons of Ruby Mae   ‘We Have All the Time in The World’

19. Orchards  ‘Lovecore’

18. Ghostlawns  ‘Motorik’

17. Kaleiders  ‘Melancholy Undertones’

16. The Lottery Winners ‘The Lottery Winners’

15. Alpha Male Tea Party ‘Infinite Stare’

14. Inego ‘Departures’

13. Wintergreen  ‘The Future Is a Way of Life’

12. SPQR  ‘Ribbons’

11. Peaks  ‘Season’

10. Heavy Salad  ‘Cult Casual’

9. Danny Gruff  ‘Author of My Own Misfortunes’

8. Bethlehem Casuals  ‘The Tragedy of Street Dog’

7. Ist Ist  ‘Architecture’
6. Teenanger  ‘Good Time’

5. Grasshopper  ‘Scuttle’

4. Seazoo  ‘Joy’

3. USA Nails  ‘Character Stop’

2. Grotbags  ‘Grotbags’

1. Kidsmoke  ‘A Vision in the Dark’

MIMR Best EPs of 2020

It’s safe to say that 2020 has been a year like no other in living memory for everyone and the sudden halt to normal life has hit every community and industry. Despite all of this, musicians have revelled in the challenge, bubbling over their creative juices in the absence of live music to make some cracking records.

Here are MIMR Top 40 EPs

40. Alien Feelings ‘Bondage and Lipstick’

39. Little Ways ‘The 4-3-2-1 EP’

38. Soccer 96 ‘Tactics EP’

37. Sheafs ‘Vox Pop’

36. Yard Arms ‘Sanctuary Lines’

35. Magic Spells ‘Bubbly’

34. The Lathums ‘Ghosts’

33. Origami Tsunami ‘Drift Into The Sun’

32. Joell Jordi ‘Joell Jordi’

31. Pizza Crunch ‘Off Their Heads’

30. Cobain Jones ‘Unplugged’

29. Document ‘A Camera Wanders All Night’

28. Wood Ewe ‘I Love You Too, Disembodied Voice’

27. Persian Rug Sale ‘Love Songs’

26. Seagoth ‘Internet Cafe’

25. SPQR ‘No Brain, No Pain’

24. Roxy Girls ‘A Wealth Of Information’

23. Chihuahua ‘Live At Boxyard’

22. Peaks ‘Saturday Soak EP’

21. Michael Webster ‘Live At Spirit Studios’

20. Cassette Apes ‘Don’t Bring a Drum Machine to a Dogfight’

19. Snooker Season ‘The American Office’

18. Van Houten ‘Home Alone’

17. The Lotts ‘We Are The Lotts’

16. Furrowed Brow ‘Dead Dead Dead Still Digging’

15. Those Fucking Snowflakes ‘Straight White Wealthy Male Suffrage’

14. Stepford Wives ‘Soul Waves’

13. Crapsons ‘Clotheslined By a Nun EP’

12. TV Face ‘Work, Work Have Fun EP’

11. Alex Rave and The Spectical ‘Profound Absurdities’

10. Eitha Da ‘Fizzy’

9. Diving Station ‘June Damp’

8. Threads ‘Teletext’

7. Giant Boys ‘Click & Collect’

6. TV Face ‘Like Dominoes EP’

5. Home Counties ‘Redevelopment EP’

4. Dense ‘Abjection’

3. Leisure Theory ‘Deliverance’

2. The Battery Farm ‘Ending Unstoppable Pain’

1. The Sewer Cats ‘Zelda’

MIMR Best tracks of 2020

So this year has been something a bit different to say the least, with our whole lives been changed quite significantly since March. Despite all this there has been a plethora of new music released and it was our tough job to put them in some kind of order and narrow them down to just the best 50, here they are.

50. Nossiennes ‘Vivire’

49. Benji Holmes ‘Move Like A Shark’

48. Joell Jordi ‘Living For Tonight’

47. Cobain Jones ‘Wonder’

46. Thrillhouse ‘Lesser’

45. We Three Kings ‘Savoir Fair’

44. Wood Ewe ‘Commuter’

43. Suave Martyrs ‘Footsteps’

42. The Goa Express ‘Be My Friend’

41. Those Fucking Snowflakes ‘Meat is Murder But Morrissey is a Dickhead’

40. Peaks ‘Knock On Effect’

39. Campfire Social ‘Speak Louder’

38. Springfield ‘Liqourice’

37. Cassette Apes ‘Problematic’

36. Shredd ‘Cobra’

35. Furrowed Brow ‘That’s Why I’m a Ponce’

34. Snooker Season ‘The American Office’

33. Diving Station ‘Fruit Flies’

32. People Soup ‘Rosemary’

31. Deafdeafdeaf ‘Bodies’

30. Crapsons ‘Clotheslined By a Nun’

29. The One Eyed General’s Bandit ‘I’m Glad You Caught Me When You Did’

28. Woman You Stole ‘Evelyn’

27. Valetta ‘Irregular Low’

26. Springfield Elementary ‘Doctor Doctor’

25. The Red Stains ‘Mannequin’

24. Yard Act ‘Fixer Upper’

23. Liines ‘Sorry’

22. Dense ‘Calcium’

21. The Hyena Kill ‘Bleached’

20. Threads ‘Poverty Tourist’

19. Eitha Da ‘Supernaturalism’

18. Stepford Wives ‘All On Me’

17. Salt The Snail ‘Maate’

16. Sick Ducks ‘Coasting’

15. The Battery Farm ‘Poet Boy’

14. Seazoo ‘The Pleasure’

13. Alex Rave and The Sceptical ‘Itch’

12. Leisure Theory ‘Bend and Break’

11. The Sewer Cats ‘Raw’

10. TV Face ‘Like Dominoes’

9. Giant Boys, Oliver James Lomax ‘Don’t Laugh at My Astro Turf Diane’

8. Geisterhaus ‘The Garden’

7. Kidsmoke ‘The Bluest You’

6. Home Counties ‘Redevelopment’

5. USA Nails ‘I Don’t Own Anything’

4. Grotbags ‘Tinder Surprise’

3. Pondarosa ‘Bright Lights’

2. The Early Mornings ‘Artificial Flavour’

1. Blanketman ‘Beach Body’

Here’s a playlist of the full list:

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