MIMR Best of 2018 so far: Albums

So we’ve reached that point of the year where we reflect on what records our ears have enjoyed and 2018 has been a expectional one already. Here are MIMR top 20 albums of 2018 so far!

20. Dom Fricot ‘Deserts’

19. Georgia Fearn ‘Perfect On Paper’

18. Chris Tavener ‘Is He Joking’ (Live)

17. Say Sue Me ‘Where We Were Together’

16. ILL ‘We Are ILL’

15. Safari Gold ‘Safari Gold’

14. The Immediate ‘More Sheep Than Humans’

13. The Longcut ‘Arrows’

12. Happy Accidents ‘Everything But Here and Now’

11. Beach Skulls ‘Las Dunas’

10. Peur ‘Explorer’

9. The Spook School ‘Could It Be Different’

8. False Advertising ‘Belligerent’

7. The Stayawakes ‘Dogs and Cats/Living Together’

6. Seazoo ‘Trunks’

5. The Orielles ‘Silver Dollar Moment’

4. The Maple State ‘The Things I Heard At the Party’

3. Eitha Da ‘Voma’

2. Claw The Thin Ice ‘Wanderlust Of Venus’

1. Liines ‘Stop-Start’

MIMR Best of 2018 so far: EPs

Here are the top 20 EPs of this year so far, there’s been some brilliant music in 2018 from some of MIMR favourite acts.

20. Future Coda ‘Signs To Prepare’

19. Digital Garden Party ‘Digital Garden Party’

18. Jekyll ‘Jekyll’

17. Marla Singer ‘Out Of Your Hands’

16. Scuttlers ‘We Are Scuttlers’

15. Edits ‘Re-Surface’

14. Night Owls ‘Tragically Human’

13. Carnival Club ‘Nomads and Crooks’

12. Delphina Kings ‘Don’t Think This Is Gonna Work’

11. Danny Gruff ‘Coffee Beans’

10. Benji Holmes ‘Coming Alive or Falling Asleep’

9. The Maple State ‘The Motorbike and The Closest of Calls’

8. Cassia ‘Movers and Shapers’

7. Spinn ‘Spinn EP’

6. Peaks ‘Happy Medium’

5. Ist Ist ‘Spinning Rooms’

4. Delta Radio Band ‘Embassy’

3. Careering ‘Wine Giant’

2. The Hyena Kill ‘Spun’

1. Gravves ‘Oh, The Joy’

MIMR Review: Ace Motel ‘Still With Me’

Its a welcome return to the blog for Georgia and Kamil aka Ace Motel and their latest single enhances their pleasing sound to the next level.

The indie-pop duo are ready to make great waves in Manchester with their pulsing, mesemerising echo which really grips you tight. ‘Still With Me’ shines brightly throughout with sparkling vocals and a backing track that is hard not to applaud.

Lose yourself with this latest effort and MIMR are certainly excited to hear what Ace Motel have up their sleeves next!

Check out the track here:

Follow them here:


MIMR Review: Careering ‘Wine Giant’

Packing a almighty punch from the word go Wine Giant is a record that pummels your brain with wave after wave of punk agnst and attitude, a real hair-raising ride.

The creators of this explosive sound are newly formed 5 piece Careering who consist of members of northern shoegazers Leatherneck and led by Rob of MIMR faves Sweet Deals On Surgery and RobotAlien, already proving to be a turbo-charged combo.

Ferocious beats and frantic guitars go hand in hand throughout the EP with Boxticker and Piss Artist deserving special praise. Polictical motivated track Richest Part Of Town ain’t afraid to tell how it really is and it’s lyrically brutal triade demonstrates a band that mean business.

The pulsating EP comes to a thrilling finale with Careful Now showcasing more electric vocals and riffs at breakneck speed.

Careering in their short time of being in existence have already showed that they will make their permanent stamp on the Manchester music scene and expect it to be a siren of noise.

Check out the EP here:

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MIMR Review: Lyerr ‘Taking Over’

Indie Quartet Lyerr from Manchester return to MIMR with a classic indie rock n roll groove which is ready to turn some heads and shake some bodies.

Taking Over has spiralling riffs right from the off and bold vocals which certainly grabs your attention. The foursome are building on the genuine potential shown on last year’s EP ‘In Principio’ (featured in MIMR best of year EPs list) and are already climbing higher in 2018 with tracks like this making it seem effortless.

Their sold out show at the Eagle Inn, Salford last night (22nd June) is sure to be the gateway towards further success, it won’t be the last gig they sell out for sure. Snap up a ticket to a show right away, Lyerr are taking over!

Check out the track here:

MIMR Review: Kidsmoke ‘Patterns’

MIMR faves Kidsmoke embark on the next exciting chapter on their flourishing journey with another heart-breakingly stunning track to add to their ever-expanding array of songs.

The indie quartet from Wrexham have made 2018 their own with significant strides made with airplay on Steve Lamacq’s BBC Radio 6 show amongst many keen new listener as well as a spot at Robert Smith’s Meltdown festival in london last night (22nd June)

Patterns is brimming full of glowing melodies and soothing melodies, a rich combination and the ideal candidate for anyone’s summer soundtrack.

It’s with personal delight that the guys are gearing up to hit the studio to get to work on their debut album very soon and MIMR already can’t wait to hear Kidsmoke with added polish, let the good times roll.

Here’s the lyric video for Patterns

Keep up to date with the band over on instagram with pics and videos here:


MIMR Band Chat: Freeda

After a short time away MIMR is back bringing you the best in new music from Manchester and beyond, this next band are one of my favourite finds in our time away. Freeda are a indie-rock 5 piece from Mossley and they are reasy to unleash their sound on the masses this year.

MIMR spoke to the band ahead of their busy plans and to give a lowdown on Freeda.

MIMR: How did the band start up and was it clear from the beginning what musical direction you would take?

Freeda: We’ve all been in different bands for the past few years. AJ, Barton Cam and Cal were in a band in school and we met Sean in college. After a few line-up changes we finally decided to settle last year as Freeda.

We started out playing a lot more blues-influenced stuff but our sound has slowly evolved into something more modern.

MIMR: Tell us about your recently released debut single, are you glad to have it out there for the world to see?

Freeda: Definitely! Working with Sugar House was a really cool experience. Having an outside opinion helped shape the song and take it to a new level.

Lyrically, it’s about hiding behind a facade which we’re all guilty of sometimes. As a first single, we wanted to release an instant-hitter – something that will get people on their feet.

MIMR: Whats the rest of 2018 hold for the band?

Freeda: We’ve got Cotton Clouds later in the year and a headline slot at Soup Kitchen on 9th June.

We’ve recently been back in the studio with Sugar House recording our second single, ‘Go Home’ which will be out on 31st May.

We’re continuing to write new material and record demos ahead of our next recording session in August.

MIMR: What’s your favourite music venue in Manchester?

Freeda: In terms of venues we’ve played at, we really like Academy 3 and Band on The Wall for the sound and set-up. It’s always mint to play on the same stage that you’ve seen some of your favourite bands on.

We’re also really looking forward to playing Soup Kitchen. It’s probably one of the best venues around for up and coming bands.

We love Apollo and The Ritz and they’re both certainly venues we aim to play at in the future.

MIMR: Thanks for chatting with MIMR, how can people follow you on social media?

Freeda: Our handle is @freedaband and you can find our socials on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.




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